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If you like this colour, have lots of coughs, colds or flu, any feelings of tightness, tickling, flushing or discomfort between throat and breast area, or you have any auto-immune disorder, then read on!

The thymus gland is to do with our immune system; our protection of ourselves. Situated half way up the breast-bone (sternum), it is the very first gland to develop in the body during development in the womb.

It carries with it our DNA patterning, and our karmic life pattern (including all our past life energies).

It is the filter between our head and our heart. For instance, if we are told something that we maybe don’t want to hear, or an unwelcome truth about something or someone, it can be said to be 'a bitter pill to swallow'.

After using our 'will' (throat chakra), we decide (using our self-protecting thymic chakra) what goes on to our heart.

Imbalance here can show itself physically as alopecia, thyroid problems, HIV/aids, vitiligo, M.E, M.S, psoriasis, any auto-immune disorders or recurring viral/bactericidal illness, glandular fever, repeated colds and coughs that you just can’t shake off!




Positive potential

The oils in this synergy boost our immune systems and promote healing of anything unhealed; they help us if we find the way ahead unclear or 'foggy', clarifying our path and helping us to establish links with our spiritual guides.


This is an important synergy for teachers, doctors, nurses, and therapists etc. to use whilst at work for protection against any negative energy, which may surround them.


This synergy balances the area, and promotes the healthy functioning of the thymic gland.

Colour: Turquoise

Location: Upper Chest

Planet: Chiron

Crystal: Amazonite, Arizona Turquoise

Bach Remedy: Walnut, Agrimony

Keyword: Self Protection