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Situated at the throat (unsurprisingly), this chakra is about communication, both talking and listening on all levels and the expression of your 'will' and heartfelt emotions. This is the vent for the Heart Chakra emotions to be released through.

It is also about our creativity, willpower, learning to make choices, whether to be honest or dishonest, should we keep quiet or voice our opinion? Are we nervous, fearful or hesitant to speak from our hearts? How many times each day do we get faced with two or more options on how to deal with a situation?

On the physical level it is linked to the thyroid and the parathyroid glands, which control our metabolism and growth. Imbalance here can manifest itself in many illnesses i.e. Allergies, throat infections of all types, weight and fertility problems and any difficulty in communication.


You may be a complete chatterbox, talking too much; or the opposite, too shy to talk very much at all for fear of either being judged or perhaps thinking that nobody is likely to be interested in your point of view.

Are you drawn to the colour blue? Do you often experience a tightening of, or a lump in your throat? Did your parents tell you that 'children should be seen and not heard'?


If the answers here are yes, then you have challenges in the throat chakra area, and will benefit from this chakra balancing cream.


Positive potential

This is a valuable tool when you are having difficulty in communicating or talking to someone but are not sure how to go about it in case the words don't come out as you'd like.


Apply this cream to your throat and you will find that your true thoughts and feelings simply flow eloquently from your mouth in a perfect order. (This one has saved many marriages!) The oils in this blend are acting on the respiratory system, the immune system, and on a psychological level, they bring the comfort and security that give us the support we need to make the right decisions. A surprisingly powerful synergy!

Another way to support the throat chakra is to make a blue lace agate elixir. Simply leave a piece of the blue lace agate in water and place on a window sill on a clear night, allowing the moon to shine on it. Next morning, remove the stone and drink the water which will by then be carrying the vibrational frequency of the crystal, and will be a soothing elixir for any throat chakra blockage/imbalance.


Often connected to the sacral chakra.

Colour: Sky Blue

Location: Throat

Planet: Mercury

Crystal: Sodalite/Blue Lace Agate

Bach Remedy: Clematis, Chestnut bud

Keyword: Manifestation