Powerful Sacred Talismans from Bali

Unique designs dreamed into being by Bexie Williams and hand crafted by local Balinese craftsmen,

from upcycled gold and silver, exclusively for Soul Harmony and Organic Aromatherapy Ltd.

We put the money for the Talismans directly in the hands of the local people. 

Each piece is unique and is blessed. in Mumma Bali, with love and smiles in sacred space.

Chakra balancing bracelets on either colour or black option cord.

The Sacred Spiral available in gold or silver on traditional Balinese Tridatu or black cord.

Prices, designs and styles;

Silver bracelets: £49; Gold bracelets: £69

Silver necklaces: £59; Gold necklaces: £79; Om Pyramid necklace: £69

Each individual bespoke piece is a physical expression of pure Sacred geometry, which is defined as a universal language that describes the inner workings of nature and the intrinsic order of the Universe.

It is the natural sanction that unites all forms of life… from microbes, plants, animals and humans to the motions of the planets and stars.

Feedback from happy customers is positively wonderful...

People have been noticing huge benefits from wearing these pieces. One happy customer had been experiencing IBS for many years and was on medication for it. She informed me that she "did not believe in woo-woo but she would have a solar plexus bracelet. She reported that after a week of wearing it she had no physical problems with her previous symptoms and was so delighted that she purchased a heart bracelet for her friend, who was single and unhappy at the time. The 'friend' apparently found her new hubby-to -be within 2 weeks of wearing the charm!

Whilst we make no promises, we love the feedback!

 The Tridatu

The simple yet significant philosophy behind this unity of colours has become akin to the Balinese identity.

White awakens goodness in spirit; representing Siwa The Destroyer.

Red evokes creativity and bravery; representing Brahma The Creator

Black is synonymous to power or protection from bad spirits; Wisnu The Preserver

Tridatu, if one were to translate it, means three powers. Almost comparable to the holy trinity, it embodies the Balinese-Hindu’s three manifestations of God otherwise known as the Trimurti.

which permeates through the core aspects of the Balinese-Hindu’s circle of life (birth, life, and death); captured by the three entities who hold the power or ‘duty’ of creation, welfare, and destruction for each stage of the life cycle. This is traditionally worn on the right wrist .

Wearable and Strong

The bracelets are strong and durable. I have not removed mine ever.. even through bathing and swimming and sleeping  with no problems  at all even after 3 years of permanent wear!  

We have made them with love and invite you to begin your collection. They look great layered up or individually.