Stellar Gate

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Also known as the Universal chakra. This is the chakra that connects us to the Source/God/Father Sky/Universal energy.

It can be activated and balanced by a high vibrations of essential oils, crystals, sounding,  toning, and chanting. Stellar Gateway reminds us that we are all one. We all share all experiences, we are intimately connected to one another.

This energy connects all forms of energy together. For example, when you smile at a person they experience a lightening of their spirit. This is then passed to the next person that they come into contact with, by being in a slightly better mood or just simply passing on that smile which will continue on and on.

Conversely, if you experience something like road-rage or pass someone who frowns or shouts at you displaying anger/aggression, the likelihood is that you will growl at or display anger/aggression to the next person you see. This will also be passed on to their next encounter and so on. The ripple effect... EVERY action has a reaction. 


The Stellar Gate Chakra Balancing Cream will help to activate and balance this part of your consciousness as it is of a very high vibration, helping to raise the vibration of the user, enabling access to information that is now coming in at this higher frequency.


This breathing practice can be helpful in accessing your higher chakras. In yoga there is a disciple know as Pranayama which is designed to specifically teach how to control and manipulate the breath for heightened consciousness, greater physical endurance and developing the central nervous system to accommodate higher energy frequencies.

Learning to control the breath is important to both the telepathic and physical contact experience. For telepathic communications the breath can be used to help settle the mind and to expand that inner silence to better facilitate sending and receiving messages. In physical contact, deep and focused breathing can help one to overcome the natural fears which may arise and attempt to take control of an unique experience.

Practice breathing in slowly and deeply for a count a five, pause a moment,

exhale slowly to a count of five, then pause again for a moment. Bring your full attention

inside yourself to that place between breaths. (This place between breaths in

which all air is exhaled is the state from which inner stillness can be found.)

Hold that place of stillness a moment and then breath in again slowly and

deeply to the five count. Each time you come back to the place of a full exhalation

and the pause, focus on bringing the stillness into more and more of the breath cycle

­ expanding the momentary pause to include the breathing in until in reaches the full breath pause.

This breathing practice can be done every day for ten minutes prior to your meditation practice. Expand the five count over time to a six count and then a seven count and beyond but do not go beyond what feels comfortable. This exercise is meant to help you increase your deep, focused breath while staying completely relaxed and at peace. Any strain means you are attempting to move ahead too quickly. Eventually a 15 or even 20+ count may be achieved.




Positive potential

With the benefit of Kirlian imagery (aura vison) we are able to see that when we apply this cream the third eye and crown chakras balance  within a few seconds. This is followed by the energy around the head and shoulders beginning to pulse with bright light and finally the connection to the Universal Source is made, as energy actually flows visibly down into the top of the head and into the energy system with a pulsing vibration. This effect is dramatic. This synergy is a great aid for meditation, soul journeying, astral travelling and sleeping, but in every other case it MUST be used in conjunction with Base or Earth Star Chakra Balancing Cream, to keep you grounded and "hooked in" to your physical vehicle/body. This cream helps you to expand your aura and raises your vibration.

Colour: Magenta/Gold

Location: 20cm above head

Planet: Inter-planetary

Crystal: Clear Quartz, Mercabite Calcite

Keyword: Meditation