star child

star child chakra.jpg

The first of the higher chakras, situated just above our head, but still within our energy field/aura, this chakra is the link to our star or soul family.


This is our un-incarnated soul group who, if asked, will cradle, support and guide us during our journey through our lifetime. This concept may seem a little crazy and hard to grasp initially. Think about this. Haven't you occasionally met a person for the first time and felt incredibly comfortable with them? Almost like you can trust them even though you've never met before. Someone you just 'click' with and you stay in touch, even though your lives may be quite different. In Buddhist philosophy this would be an energy that you have encountered before, in a different form, in a previous existence.


With the presence of such comfort, they may well be part of your soul-family. There will be some of this 'family' who are not currently carnated onto the 'earth-school' plane, maybe they are between lives, or perhaps they have progressed in their spiritual development and have no need to return to this tough existence.


These are the guys whose job it is to help us through our lifetimes. All we need to do to access this support is to ask!


imbalance: fear of future

Asking or praying for forgiveness, guidance and protection daily will make a huge difference to our lives. Sounds crazy I know, I didn't believe it either....until I tried it!


If you haven't yet discovered it, then try for just two weeks and see if there is any difference in your life. It is important to be consistent and to pray DAILY. It worked for me. I haven't stopped since, and I used to be a confirmed agnostic!



Positive potential

This chakra is about complete trust, love and tranquillity and balance here dispels loneliness and fear. This synergy is an ideal tool for meditation and yoga.


When we stimulate this chakra, we become restored and regenerated; we open a healing/communication channel (one that often becomes blocked).


The oils I have chosen for this blend re-open this pathway and restore clarity, cleaning away emotional debris, which can cloud our vision and hinder our spiritual progress.


This chakra relates to joy.

Colour: Silver/Gold

Location: 5cm above head


Crystal: Rutilated Quartz