soul star

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Soul star chakra is a portal through which very high frequency light can enter our etheric field. Its name is self-explanatory for it is through this chakra the Soul braids into the physical body at the time of incarnation and it is through this chakra the Soul leaves the physical body at death.


It is also through this chakra additional soul-braiding occurs which results in the increased vibration and frequency of the cells and atoms of the body. Access to the Soul Star chakra increases direct contact with the Soul and the communication of the Soul’s intent is enhanced.


It is often depicted as a tunnel of pure light or a portal that connects the Soul to the Divine source. Activation and clearing of this chakra opens a cosmic doorway to all of the light densities and enhances communication with enlightened beings that exist in the densities of light beyond the physical worlds.

The fragrance of this synergy seems to be hugely popular and has been described as 'deeply beautiful'. This is the most important synergy to have in your collection.

This chakra is re-emerging, as it was used hugely in the Golden Age of Atlantis. It helps move our spirit into form on the earth plane, as we are in essence, materialised spirit.

It relates to our souls, parents and legacy. It is formed before we go through the veil of amnesia and when attuned, allows our higher self to access the Akashic records, assisting our soul growth.


Put in simple terms, balance and attunement here just makes life easier and less stressful. Accessing this point of our energetic self is also attained through meditation and breathwork.


In yoga there is a disciple know as Pranayama which is designed to specifically teach how to control and manipulate the breath for heightened consciousness, greater physical endurance and developing the central nervous system to accommodate higher energy frequencies. Learning to control the breath is important to both the telepathic and physical contact experience.


For telepathic communications the breath can be used to help settle the mind and to expand that inner silence to better facilitate sending and receiving messages. In physical contact, deep and focused breathing can help one to overcome the natural fears which may arise and attempt to take control of an unique experience.

Practice breathing in slowly and deeply for a count a five, pause a moment, exhale slowly to a

count of five, then pause again for a moment.

Bring your full attention inside yourself to that place between breaths.

(This place between breaths in which all air is exhaled is the state from

which inner stillness can be found.)

Hold that place of stillness a moment and then breath in again slowly and deeply to the five count.

Each time you come back to the place of a full exhalation and the pause,

focus on bringing the stillness into more and more of the breath cycle ­ expanding

the momentary pause to include the breathing in until in reaches the full breath pause.

This breathing exercise should be done every day for ten minutes prior to your meditation practice. Expand the five count over time to a six count and then a seven count and beyond but do not go beyond what feels comfortable. This exercise is meant to help you increase your deep, focused breath while staying completely relaxed and at peace. Any strain means you are attempting to move ahead too quickly. Eventually a 15 or even 20+ count may be achieved.




Positive potential

Balancing this chakra with the Soul Star Chakra balancing cream will remind your higher self what you signed up for this lifetime, to facilitate soul progression…clearing of emotional clutter, enabling you to move forward lighter, more easily whilst helping to raise your vibration.

As we increase our vibrations, we actually appear younger in the physical too… an added bonus!

Colour: White

Location: 16cm above head

Planet: Inter-planetary

Crystal: Galena, Silver, Gold, Phenecite