solar plexus

solar plexus chakra.jpg

Situated at the bottom, centre of the rib cage, underneath the sternum (breast bone).


This is the centre relating to our ego, how we really value ourselves. It is also a powerful portal, connecting us with our local sun and other suns. (see courses for more info on this)

It represents radiance, self-confidence, humour, and self-esteem. It is the point of digestion on all levels, whether it is nourishment in the form of food, or an idea.

This is the only chakra that revolves outwardly; it scans, bringing in energy, good and bad, from the outside world into our personal energy systems. You have only to notice the typical folded arms posture to see how we protect this point naturally when we feel uncomfortable or threatened.


It's located just under the sternum/upper abdomen area, it is common to really feel when the solar plexus is not right! If someone pays you a compliment, a warmth radiates from this spot (good energy going into our system). On the other hand, if somebody insults us, we have an empty, hollow feeling in this spot or we can sometimes describe ourselves as feeling "gutted" (our energy leaving our system).


This is a very popular synergy, a good starting point for your personal collection (toolkit).

Physically, this chakra relates to the digestive system. Digestive disorders, absorption problems, spleen and blood disorders, pancreatic problems, diabetes, gall stones, middle back and liver problems, S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder), M.E, M.S, and skin eruptions on the face would point to an imbalance in this area.




Positive potential

The oils in this synergy dispel self-criticism, lighten the heart and refresh the spirit.


They all work powerfully on the digestive system at all levels. Remember, if you like the smell today, or you love this colour now, then you need a solar plexus re-charge TODAY!


This synergy may be likened to your own personal internal ball of sunshine, radiating warmth and brightness, especially important during the darker months of winter.


 If your favourite colour is yellow, then this is a must for you!

Colour: Yellow

Location: Upper Stomach

Planet: Sun

Crystal: Citrine

Bach Remedy: Larch

herbal supplement: Rhodiola