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The sacral chakra is located between the pubic bone and the navel. It is the second to develop at around 3-5 years of age.


Whereas the base is about ourselves, the sacral is about bringing others into the picture; parents, siblings, lovers, children.

Do you like the colour orange today? Are you being drawn to eat orange food? If so, you may be blocked/challenged here.

Sarah often refers to this as "The Big 4" and will be out of balance if there are angsts in the following areas of our lives:

* Sexual relationship
* Parenting on all levels
* Money 
* Career

Everyone needs the Sacral Chakra balancing cream at some time or another. 


This area deals with our need to control our physical environment, dealing with authority, money, career issues and our own creativity. It also controls our sexuality, our point of give and take, desire, our need for relationship and any parenting issues (giving and receiving).

Physically this chakra deals with the sexual/reproductive and urinary systems, bladder, lower back and pelvic area. If you have any physical problems in this area, sciatica, lower back ache/pain, cystitis, fibroids, endometriosis, period problems, prostate problems, lower digestive cramps/IBS, carrying weight around the lower tummy, then you WILL benefit from this synergy. 




Positive potential

The oils in this blend stimulate warmth and sensitivity and awaken our sexuality. They are anti-depressant, diuretic and analgesic (pain relieving). They instil confidence, awareness and joy.


If you suspect an imbalance in this area, then simply smell the cream...if you like it today then put some on! Connected to the throat chakra. If you are experiencing imbalance in the sacral area, then please also read about the blue throat chakra.


Do not use any of these synergies during pregnancy.


Colour: Orange

Location: Lower Back & Navel

Planet: Moon

Crystal: Tigers Eye