We each create our reality!

When we make a decision that leaves us stressed, we create a blockage in the energy field. If intense it will create a symptom on the physical level. The symptom serves to communicate to us an angst about an emotional issue. Thus, instead of saying, 'I can't see', we are actually saying, 'I have been keeping myself from seeing something' or 'I don't like what I'm seeing' (see Alta Major Chakra)


This is the science of psychoneuroimmunology. There are no accidents and no coincidences. Only synchronicity.

The key to healing isn't found in another person, but in a journey of self discovery. There is no end to this journey as it is a life long process of learning about ourselves and our connection to everything on the planet. Once we begin our journey we find it easier to love and to have compassion for all other beings.


The Human Directional System

We can say that we have an inner guidance system, a connection to our Higher Self, or our Inner Being, or whatever name we choose to give this Higher Intelligence. This inner guidance system functions through what we call our intuition, or our instinct. It speaks a very simple language. Either it feels good, or it doesn't. All the rest is just politics.

If we change our way of being, we have received the message, and the symptom has no further reason for being. It is able to be released, according to whatever we allow ourselves to believe is possible. If we created the symptom with a decision, we are also able to release it with a decision.

EXAMPLE. If we cannot express what we want, then we will eventually develop symptoms in the neck and throat area (see Throat Chakra).