Diamond Synergy


The DIAMOND of all the creams.


This is a powerfully effective and complex blend containing 41 different essential oils. It is a balancing and attuning cream for 15 chakras (9 inbody and 6 auric).


One-stop complete balance and healing when you’re too busy to think about which creams to apply.


This works in a complex multi-level way dissolving energetic blockages and restoring a healing stasis to your entire chakra energy system.


It is a great all round restorative and preventative.

Total Balance

  • Physical: Maintenance of good health, general wellbeing, great for holidays, travelling, balancing entire system, promoting total healing

    Psychological: All levels. Totally restorative

    Spiritually: One-stop balancing!

    Note: Do not use if pregnant

    Application: Apply to wrists twice daily or as required