Organ Balancing - Spleen Support


Helps to balance and strengthen the immune system.
It is primarily concerned with boundaries and red blood cells ( strength /iron ) 


As part of the lymphatic system, the spleen serves multiple major and inter-related functions involving the body’s blood supply; however, despite the significance of what it does, the body can survive without it.
If removed or damaged, the energy of this organ still requires balancing ( more so than ever). The liver, bone marrow, lymph nodes, and other surrounding organs can take up some of what it does. 

One major function is that this organ filters blood, removing foreign bodies, microbes, and faulty red blood cells (RBCs) in its red pulp. This it does by filtering such bodies to specialized white blood cells called lymphocytes located in the lymph nodules. In turn, RBCs are recycled in this tissue, and it stores white blood cells (WBCs) as well as platelets (cells that help with clotting), which are released to aid in healing when there is infection or injury.

In its white pulp, the spleen produces white blood cells (WBCs), and synthesizes antibodies, making it essential to immune function. In particular, this tissue is the site of lymphocyte production (white blood cells that are deeply involved in immune function) that make up the antibodies.


Spleen Support