Advanced Energy Awareness Course: Manifest your bliss!

Now also available ONLINE 


This course is the next stage of development for those who have completed the first two Raise your Vibration courses.


It is upgraded annually to accommodate the increased vibrations with latest wave of incoming Light frequencies and upgrades, DNA and merkaba upgrades take place.

We focus on further personal development, positive manifestation of a better life and better conditions, progressive healthcare and meditation, vibrational healing, energy clearance and the importance of mindfulness in daily life.


We will be working with the Angelic realms and Ascended Masters as well as our own spiritual guidance teams. This course focuses on the Soma chakra, blending of divine masculine and feminine energies (kundalini) and the further activation of your third eye chakra (Ajna).


We will also introduce the importance of sacred site energies. 


For course dates and more information see RV3 page

RV3 - Manifest your bliss

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