This is available now for all at this powerful pivotal change and unique moment in the evolution of human kind.


For those who have taken the "vaccine" (experimental substance) and are now "shedding" manipulated DNA strands, or those who have chosen to remain as organic beings preserving the natural creative DNA they possess at birth. 


This unique blend is a powerful and gorgeous 'combo' of powerful essential oils and monoatomic gold.


I have created this NEW unique synergy, working with the advice of a team of kinesiologists (also independant practitioners) here in the UK.

My intention is to facilitate the blending of both sets of people, to end division and fear and to bring about unity of human kind as much as is possible.
Apparently, the kinesiologists tell me that with their muscle testing for the "Collective", this cream could also positively impact and help to balance and/or remove energetic blockages hence promoting balance for the cosmic, third eye and crown chakras. This is a wonderful surprise to me!


We are talking here about the  expellation from the body of nano particles and spike proteins that may have been introduced via the experimental injections and the nasal swabs (hydrogel and  Morgellon parasites).


The basic blend has been tested and tried for many years by Gene Decode, consisting of  juniper, melissa, oregano, melaleuca (tea tree), lavender, clary sage, pine and peppermint essential oils of the highest therapeutic grade available on the planet.


To this NEW "Protection" blend, I have also added essential oils of star anise, Siberian Fir and a little fennel and then blended in some  monoatomic gold, ormus and LOVE.


These delicious characters are all wrapped up in a beautiful pure vegan base cream of purest white.

Like all my other creams, this new synergy is created by me, by hand, in a sacred space overlighted by the master angels and my amazing powerful "spiritual team".


The blend has been tested by a panel of independent therapists, teachers and students, along with some of their patients and clients. 


I apply mine several times a day (especially if I am out and about, or seeing clients).

I keep a pot in the car too, to use before and after shopping (touching shopping trolleys, etc) and mixing with the public. 


I'm always dabbing a blob on my darling hubby too and the dogs get a good sniff and a stroke when I have applied mine, so I feel I am looking after my family as best I can. 


"Protection Synergy" 50ml