Organ Balancing - Liver Support


Helps to eaase all liver conditions


The liver is connected to suppressed anger.


This cream assists in balancing the natural functions of the liver. It is most effective when used in combination with the throat chakra cream.


The liver is the powerhouse of the body, performing many functions including cleansing and hormonal balance. It is also the place in the body where anger is stored. Any addictive behaviour, habits or substances are often connected to an imbalance in the energy here.


The essential oils in this synergy vibrationally balance the energy of the liver. It is frequently the sweetest/loveliest people who need this cream as they often store/suppress their anger.


The liver can regenerate within a few any damage does not have to be permanent...this cream balances the energy allowing healing to take place.


Liver Support

  • Physical: Indicated when there are any liver problems, pain on upper right side of abdomen,or back under rib area, bloating, sensitivity to alcohol, jaundice.

    Psychological: imbalance here is about suppressed anger,which could progress to depression,addictive behaviour

    Spiritually: Loss of life purpose.

    Note: Use in conjunction with Throat Chakra balancing cream. Most of us need this one!

    Application: Apply to wrists and/or tummy twice daily or whenever you like the smell