Organ Balancing - Kidney Support


Eases all kidney conditions


The kidneys sit in the lower abdominal/back area of the body. The emotion connected to them is suppressed fear connecting to fluids.They are governed by the sacral chakra  which connects to liquids/water and emotions. 


Fear is a fundamental emotion common to us all. It is part of our survival mechanism ("fight/ flight"). This is when adrenaline is produced in the adrenals. It focuses the energy/blood of the body on the sensory organs: eyes (vision), ears (sounds), nose (smell), mouth (taste), and the nervous system. The blood is taken from the digestive system in order to fully affect "super-human" strength and agility. Our muscles are also empowered. 

It is important to remember however, that balance is the key.


The kidneys deal with the excretion of liquids/toxins. For example, if a person is absolutely terrified, in an extreme situation, they may lose control of their bladder and urinate uncontrollably. Be kind to your kidneys. Suppressed fear causes them stress. They are topped by the adrenal glands, which look like little walnuts and enable the survival mechanisms of the body to "kick-in" .


Kidney Support

  • Physical: Imbalance may appear as cystitis, kidney pain/stones, any urinary problems, frequent need of urination, lower back pain.

    Psychological: Fear

    Note: Kidney stones have simply disappeared after using this.

    Application: Apply to kidney area (lower back) and/or wrists twice a day.