This is the ultimate source of power, our re-source point. Tapping into this chakra is like plugging into an electrical circuit (Mother Earth), providing us with a huge energy boost! This is often good when you are very busy "juggling" your daily life and can't find time to relax. This boosts the energy of Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras (although the individual synergies are more powerful on their respective areas). Earth Star is very grounding, a terrific healer and another perfect aid for meditation. If you like the smell then you need the cream.

Earth Star

  • Recharge & Energise

    Physical: Exhaustion, tiredness, post exercise, arthritis, aching muscles, restless leg/ankle detoxifying 
    Psychological: Exhausted, lack of concentration, floaty, restless, tired or irritable 
    Spiritually: Loss of connection to Mother Earth..a reconnection. 

    Note: Do not use if pregnant 

    Application: Apply to neck and/or wrists twice daily or as required