Sarah provides an extensive range of one-on-one treatments, all of which are holistic and include a mixture of techniques.


Treatments include: AromaTouch Technique, aromatherapy, head, shoulders, feet, rejuvenating facial (including non-surgical facial lift techniques) and cranial massages. 

Reflexology to hands, feet and ears, acupressure, injury remedial work, specialist back and neck treatments, Mayan/shamanic healing, vibrational essences, sound, crystals and powerful spiritual healing to all four bodies (physical, emotional. mental and spiritual).

In practice, she can dip into any of her extensive "toolboxes" and bring a unique blend of healing techniques to each session.

An initial appointment includes a consultation (approx 30mins) when a full medical history is taken to enable appropriate recommendations to the type of treatment combination will best suit you. Then you choose!


Treatment types vary depending on your needs and are charged at an hourly rate, with an additional initial consultation fee of £10 for the mandatory 30 minute consultation/medical history on the first visit.


60 minute Treatment Session

    • DNA upgrades

    • Relief from neck and shoulder tension and headaches

    • Reduction of all pain in body

    • Eases stress, anxiety and tension

    • Drainage of toxins within the body

    • Promotes natural sleep patterns

    • Revitalises the whole body

    • Lifts the spirit

    • Chakra balancing and clearing

    • Promotes natural healing

    • Natural re-alignment

    • Release of trapped nerves, including sciatic

    • Energy/Auric clearance