Why is my life breaking up? - 26 January 2020

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Stargates and Portals

“Things are speeding up in a positive way. Something beautiful and magical is coming. I wonder if they have thought about a gateway opening or a portal being put in place.” Since the biggest recent shift on 12/1/20, time slips, portals, Schumann resonance and magnetic pole shifts along with some very awesome astrology are all affecting us all NOW.

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” as Little Grandmother/Keisha Crowther shared with us years ago. THIS IS THE COSMIC MOMENT. Beautiful friends and family, we have been guided to Gaia to help out and now. We got to the front of the queue if souls who have all volunteered to be here for this adventure... No of course it’s not the easiest of trips. However, we are called into service to support one another as a human family...   we can all do this... we have all the angelic and lightest divine ET and IT support AND all the tools to help us. Jump and the net will appear! WE MUST TRUST this evolutionary process and support Mother Earth now as she ascends into 5th dimensional frequency of unconditional love. Letting go of/releasing all physical, emotional and mental attachments is often painful and challenging but key... Employing our balanced third eye and heart chakra energy. SEE from the place within our hearts of unconditional love and non judgement. To be in empathy and to see the bigger picture: to be the observer NOT the victim/martyr. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for ourselves and our actions. Karma must unfold to be played out. Forgive and be grateful... yes it is possible. This does not mean you have to condone or accept heavy abusive if malicious behaviour. We must observe our personal boundaries and where necessary set new ones. See the bigger picture. Pull back to be the observer as the balanced Alta Major chakra ( energy and balanced heart and third eye chakras, are key as I have been saying for years. Hence the balancing creams. The Alta Major is one of the most popular I have channelled specifically for NOW. We can and must now make the changes we must make to evolve further into bliss. Facing fears. There’s NOTHING to fear but fear itself and forgetting to clean your personal bubble. (YouTube link on homepage)

Light and illumination drive shadows away. There is always sunshine after rain and rainbows appear! Amazing miracles can occur in next few minutes... It’s an amazing place that we are all being born into... the opportunities are exquisite and mind blowing! Create your most perfect outcome by visualising and embodying how it feels to be in it... owning it... create it... manifest... We are in such turbulence but we will rise like the proverbial Phoenix once the old structure (everything from our bodies, relationships to socio-economic to geographical) has shattered to reform into a brand new paradigm. Please be aware of every thought and your external dialogue and language. You are a powerful manifestor so use your skills wisely. Release and let go of “worry” (it’s so outdated and 3D) but also a powerful prayer what you don’t want! Why not instead replace it with prayers and positive visualisation?

I am available for personal soul guidance and chakra readings via Instagram, Twitter, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp and here of course. Book a reading or consultation from my consultation page. Let’s joyfully co-create a new world of peace and love together.. dream it into being in harmonious service and sending munay to you all.

Sarah x

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