What are people doing with their bodies?

Are you happy to be an experiment?

When I read Dr Zach Bush's newsletter I felt it was so neatly summed up that I wanted to share.

"March 2021 News Letter

From a scientific standpoint, we’re living in one of the most interesting moments in human history.

The schisms in health philosophy and policy that have unfolded this year speak to the fragility of this moment. Take this example: millions of us have spent the last two decades carefully buying organic and non-GMO products, and now we are lining up for a vaccine that directly genetically modifies our human biology in order to put us in opposition to a commonly occurring protein structure. In doing so, we will perhaps forever change our relationship to the virome – the very source of genomic adaptation and diversification of biology on the planet, and within our bodies. We are the new GMO. It did not go well for the plants, but we can hope for a different outcome in our bodies?

What we are doing as a compliant global population today is opening up the floodgates of prosperity for the current health care paradigm. We have given permission to governments and pharmaceutical companies to print trillions of dollars from nowhere, to pay for the development of new variants of genetic modification that are then distributed through mandatory or highly coercive policies, without any medium or long-term safety or efficacy data to understand the consequences.

The Fed has taken it upon itself to create $3.8 trillion out of thin air in less than a year. That happens to be almost exactly the annual cost of the American Health Care System. We spend $3.8 Trillion every year to manage the accelerating chronic disease burden of this county. We are expected to be spending $5 Trillion annually by 2025 for US “healthcare”.

These trillions of dollars support our steady march away from Mother Nature and our innate capacity for regeneration. We are engineering ourselves into a sterile bubble, securing our place far from the life giving capacity of this planet.

On one hand, it’s the most grave scientific mistake and the most extreme hubris of human behaviour. And on the other, it must be perfect. It's exactly the next step we need to take. In doing this, we begin the journey into finding out who we really are — a figment of the beautiful imagination and creativity of nature – and just how dangerous it is to vilify that nature that has built us.

50% of our human genome has been inserted directly by viruses. Nearly 10% of our genome was established by retroviruses similar to HIV.

Eventually, society will realize the mistakes we've made and will learn an incredible lesson. When that happens, I look forward to the opportunity to witness the redirect of our research and clinical care in a new direction. Alignment with our nature and full capacity for health and vitality is possible. Are we willing to do the uncomfortable thing?

Are we willing to reconsider our direction?

Are we willing to accept our humble position within this extraordinarily beautiful natural world that imagined us into our birth, and watches us stumble through the obstinate toddler years of our species?

She is a patient mother, but she can not hold onto us much longer if we continue to thrash in her arms. Stop struggling mankind, rest for a moment and realize you are nurtured by your nature.

Thank you to each of you who are taking time to reorganize your lives this year. To do the uncomfortable transformation work. To do the things you have always known deep down that you should be doing. Thank you for beginning the re-birthing process for our humanity within nature, rather than despite that nature.

Zach Bush MD"

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