Water in 5d.

Updated: Feb 2

We are all aware that we are mostly comprised of water, around 70%, so it stands to reason that we need to observe the amount, and particularly the quality, of water that we ingest on a daily basis.

I love frequency and vibration and, as a Virgo, I am besotted with researching/finding healing and healthy solutions.

Many friends, students, visitors and clients have been asking me about my structured, clean, magnetised water. All the groups that come here absolutely love the taste along with the way it makes them feel. Indeed, they often take photos of the Waterfall filter we have here.

I tried out many filtration techniques/systems and did lots of taste tests.

After completing my research, I have chosen to use a “Waterfall” system which comes with mineral stones to filter and cleanse.

It costs just under £300 (counter top/portable) and the filters are about £30 each couple of months (for a coffee drinker that’s less than a cup of coffee a day).

This particular Waterfall clears out many heavy metal nasties too, i.e. fluoride, which is great for supporting you in cleaning and clearing out any heavy metals negatively affecting your pineal gland (third eye chakra).

Then I add “love and gratitude” frequencies as a sticker on the reservoir jug (aka Dr Masuro Emoto) and pop in some additional crystals like clear quartz, rose quartz, and shungite.

I know it’s good to aim to drink a couple of litres a day which I found difficult before, but now is much easier, as this structured water is so absorbable into my body, facilitating great hydration for my organs, skin, etc.

Every part of me, my family, pets and visitors benefits.

I tried it our on the dogs offering 2 bowls of water side by side; one with regular tap water and the other being from the Waterfall. I have to refill the latter much more frequently .. they have an innate 6th sense and intuitively make their own choices.

If you are considering your hydration and the quality of your water, take a look by clicking the link .


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