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Updated: Jun 3

Water well-being event

June 10th 11am-1pm

Bedhampton Hill PO9 3JN

Our bodies and our beautiful planet Earth are mainly made up of water (approximately 70%+). Water equates to the Emotional body.

We are constantly being reminded of the importance of ingesting structured water. This needs to be clear of all toxins (including fluoride and chlorine) and structured (so that it is more absorbable), thereby ensuring more efficient hydration.

Magnetic forces are also important and relate to our natural Toric fields which, when flowing, keep us in perfect balance and health.

Dehydration is one of the leading causes of ill health. When drinking 2 litres of structured water each day, you are absorbing all of it; thereby enhancing all of your body's processes (without constant visits to the loo).

At this event, we will discuss several ways to incorporate the upgrading of your 4D body using the power of the body's magnetic fields to improve your wellbeing (i.e. proper hydration, sleep, rest, grounding and anti-ageing) in order to upgrade your body from carbon-based to your 5D crystalline/silica-based vehicle.

You will be able to taste clean, delicious filtered water as well as try other products attuned to the 5D body.

Come and join us for a couple of hours for more information, a friendly cuppa to see how you and your family can benefit.

To book your place, please contact or call 07710 994432.

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