Update on UK perspective 26/1/21

Updated: May 11

False imprisonments

UK: So Boris (Doris) is pushing for lock up (curfew/ house arrest) until July or even September.

Have you read his dad's (now fled to deepest darkest South America ) book predicting all this plandemic written years ago?


The “vaccine” is not a real vaccine, it’s an injection of an untested, rushed-to-market, chemical cocktail now in human trials (given in a series of 3 doses which are suggested at 12 weeks apart) that at the very least cause infertility of both sexes as it was designed to do, permanent DNA changes for the receiver through DNA/RNA manipulation (nano tech) and also genetically to create a humanoid robot of a Borg mentality!

Our “Government” are advising that after receiving the jab that you are not to have unprotected sex (so use of a condom) for the next 12 months due to sperm and egg untested possible mutations, culling of the newborns, children and elderly also those who are vulnerable, mandatory (no free will).

Already they have started here in UK!

So many are fear filled and desperate for it... all because they are frightened by mainstream media. Turn off your TVs and put down the “news” papers!

Get your mind clear... be present and grounded...

Get into nature and breathe fresh air.

Hug your family.

Watch a funny movie or something beautiful and nature filled!

Meditate on what your innate wisdom tells you in your heart!

Anti social distancing

Breaks down immune systems. No hugs or social interaction like laughter, singing or having fun, increasing stress, increasing fear, depletion of immune systems... continuing to wear masks (filthy gags) which cause brain damage after 20mins of wear due to reduced oxygen levels and you rebreathing your own toxins...

This COVID strain has a 99.9% recovery rate. Take off the mask and return to our usual natural herd immunity... breathe out antibodies...

The deep state plan or dark agenda ?

It’s called “genocide” and more accurately “the culling of humans”. All humans!

Wake up

When will you see the bigger picture?

When will you join me and thousands of others globally and say “NO”?

Population culling!

This saves the problem of paying pensions as there won’t be any demand. All elderly will be dead! Hence injecting all those in care homes and separation from their loving families, filling them with fear.

I am among many healthcare professionals who are being inundated by young people (children and teens) with mental health issues, depression and suicidal thoughts.

What are we doing to them?

I say "No". If necessary, let them arrest us all as we stand strong, banging our pots and pans in protest as they did successfully in Holland and in a growing number of other countries. There aren’t enough of them to stop us.

Hidden in plain sight.

The warnings have been in plain view for us all for decades now. Think “Wizard of Oz” here or “Animal Farm” (George Orwell). The few that are trying to implement this farce are all pulling strings for puppets (big farma, gov, etc) which doesn’t even really exist legally now! A very small number of people (hidden/occult ) are driving their minions i.e. gov, etc through desire to maintain this epidemic of Fear. Divide and conquer at every opportunity. We must stand together, as natural living men and women of the flesh (not commodity ) !

I say “NO. Personally, I do NOT consent to this tyranny. I stand under common law and refer back to our human rights as sovereign beings under the Nuremberg convention, and Article 61 of Common Law. “

Thank you to the increasing number of brave health care professionals like Dr Rashid Buttar, Dr Dolores Cahill, Dr Christianne Northrup, and so many more brave doctors and nurses globally for all you do, with such commitment at personal risk, so stoically, in raising awareness so that we can each make a personal choice before rolling up sleeves and being persuaded or brainwashed any further into the illusion that your government cares about you. It clearly does not!

All is well. We must stand strong visualising our best outcomes and positively focussing on manifesting our own personal realities in this quantum field.

This is the perfect opportunity 👍

This is such an exciting time to be the creator that you are. 🌀

“Where attention goes energy flows “

Sarah Williams