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Updated: Jan 11

Happy happy Yay ..

TRIED & TESTED, our new meridian range is now launched with this, the first of 13 more meridians synergies to come. (The others are still in the etheric preparing to materialise) - and what a perfect day to have the new labels arrive on the winter SOLSTICE!

The lung meridian cream is here after months of testing and is working well. It will be available to buy from our shop by 2022.

As gifts of gratitude I am adding in a FREE surprise gift to all orders until 31/12, maybe you’ll get one of these!

THIS COULD BE YOURS! Here at OA we really appreciate your support through this last 25 years, particularly in the last 20 months, so as a “Thank-you“ you may get to try one of these new creams for FREE until end of month. I have a limited number to give away.

Usual RRP

15ml £22

50ml £44 plus p&p

Our lungs store unshed tears and grief …lung conditions are coming up for so many of us now … irritating coughs, digestive upsets temperature fluctuations, hot cold flushes/sweats (especially between 3am-5am) etc.

Take a look at more on the lung meridian here


“the lung meridian cream worked really well for my husband “ Jayne FH Dec 2021

(Hants UK)

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