Shedding: is it real?

Updated: Jan 11

Just listening to expert Dr Judy Mikovits with Stew Peters on Rumble and absorbing some expert good advice on moving forwards as a community (jabbed and unjabbed).

She acknowledges that “yes, we can pick up sickness from those that are vax injured through the process of “shedding”".

The nano particles, spike proteins, and graphene oxide in the experimental shots can be shared/transmitted, via body fluids, through our skin and also via the breath. Hence those who have chosen this chemical path are more of a problem than those that have chosen to remain organic.

However we can all heal”

Expert advice from Judy:

1. Take off all masks (everyone);

2. Boost your natural immune system;

3. DMG

4. Quercetin (available in supplement form or naturally in leafy greens, broccoli, onions, berries);

5. Vitamin D (sunshine);

6. Get back to hugging (build herd immunity);

7. If sick, rest up until better (usual practice for anything);

8. Eat clean organic locally sourced seasonal foods (not manipulated, e.g. GMO)

9. NO MORE shots or swabs; 10. Ivermectin;

11 Coconut oil (reduces blood clots);

12. Black (cumin) seed oil.

I grew some amazing garlic for the first time ever this year and preserved it in raw pine needle honey as a tonic/medicine for wintertime. I ate a clove yesterday (wow what a hit!) .. it was delicious and very, very potent! Perfect to build up my strength after a month of feeling actually quite ill! This engineered virus is quite a “pain in the bum“ to clear!


We can come through this together!

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