Personal Responsibility

The importance of taking responsibility for our personal health , physically , mentally and spiritually.

So I was talking to a VERY highly qualified medical doctor (friend / client/ customer) recently . I’ve known her for many years and as usual when we connect, I gave her a reading after which she shared that even she, after many years of study and many many qualifications and promotions within the NHS and private medical fields, was frustrated as she was incredibly busy in hospitals on wards and with private patients, but found that she is finding it increasingly challenging to work out what’s actually wrong with people as they appear in front of her .

This provokes fear in the patients .. obviously. Please be aware that old school 3d protocols just don’t fit with new upgrading 5d bodies as we shift from carbon to crystalline/ silica based physically .

We agreed that IT IS VITAL NOW to practice self care and to take responsibility for our bodies , minds and spirits, rather than breaking so much and then asking someone to “fix”us!

Part of my job here is to help people transmute their physical body through this big shift .. hence the Soul Harmony aromatherapy creamS,although I didn’t know it when I began to channel them back in 1997 .. no fear guys.. help us at hand .

I a full time professional therapist , trained in many mbs holistic modalities offering private personal sessions and I also work via Skype , FaceTime, WhatsApp etc.

Pm me for more or check more into my website for an initial free chakra reading

How are you feeling today?

Fuzzy head, white noise, dizzy, nauseous, gastric issues, aches and pains in your bones and joints? Thirsty, dry eyes double vision, fussy with food? Nervous twitches and hot and cold flushes? Perhaps feeling anxious, palpitations , depressed or really tired? Memory lapses ... time feels odd and speeding past ...?

No you’re not breaking up , getting old or going mad !

This will all pass.

If this resonates for you then please read on for a deeper understanding of whats going on, why are you feeling this , why I’m not breaking or getting old, and ultimately how to help ease the ascension symptoms currently being experienced here by us all to some degree or another...

also share with others.

One if my “jobs” here this time around is to assist others to release fear enabling an easier transition ..

Update 25/2/20

It’s never been this way ever before on this planet... This process is completely unprecedented in a physical body ..

On 20/02/20 we were shifted fully into 4d ( fear/ karma/time) and now,as a human being now need to clear all of these before accessing fully accessing 5d ( bliss/instant manifestation/ joy etc).

Nothing fear filled gets into 5d as it cannot exist . This is the law. Karma is instant. Money will not matter as love is all there is. We are all one.

Some won’t make it yet into this realm , 30% of population are leaving in next few weeks and will remain in fear matrix of 3D until they choose to ascend at their own speed .. Mother Earth is moving / ascending now.

This is the point of the greatest transition a humans body has EVER made. It is completely unprecedented .

Our galactic and angelic support is immense now .However we will observe many falling away, (this process will take as long as each individual chooses )Leaving only those who have faced their deepest fears and successfully transitioned through the shift.

It is so very exciting!

We are well advised to stay calm, get into observer mode , deal with all remnants of any of our oldest fears 4d.. ( face and release all karmic programming) and step fully into 5d of instant manifestation , away from hamster wheel mentality. The next 6 weeks will reveal everything to the masses . It will be a personal choice for each individual as to the personal journey.

The era of guru is passed. There are no teachers now. We know within our souls what is required we need to remember.( meditation) our guides will help when asked. ( we must ask then pause to hear/ enable)

Our physical bodies have requirements now..

1.Stay well hydrated

2. FREQUENT napping.. sleep and rest when needed often in 3-4 hr slots ( allowing the necessary rebooting to integrate new programmes being downloaded into our dna by light from galactic central suns light codes )

3. Eat carefully, listening daily to the ingredients that our new silica based crystalline bodies require. ( typically plant based)

4. Meditate ( facilitating the access innate information of unity consciousness )

5. Visualise perfect outcomes

6. Get into nature

There is no “ going back “. NOTHING will ever be as it was in the old ways. ( fear filled 3d) as that grid isn’t crumbling fast.

I’m so excited although it’s going to be a bit challenging / tough at some points. Water levels will change dramatically globally. New earth is appearing.. her topography shifts.


I personally feel in alignment with GESARA principals of DO NO HARM




The rewards are going to be off the scale magnificent.

Sarah Williams 22/2/2020

Available for personal guidance sessions via Skype FaceTime, messenger, WhatsApp

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