Ascension News - 21 November 2017

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

I have just uploaded a short video to YouTube to share more on what's happening currently connected to the ascension from 3D to 5D and beyond. Check my YouTube channel Sarah Williams Ascension Symptoms here: YouTube Channel 

Cosmically, this is a time of restructuring on every level. Everything changes. You’ll notice differences in your friends, family and contacts. Your clothes, body, work, health, lifestyle, information and technology will all feel and look different this year Nothing will be the same as it was, in fact everything is being upgraded, like it or not.

You can choose to surf the waves of change with grace, or you can struggle and resist. The choice is always yours as to how you react to every occurrence in your life. We’re all being forced out of our comfort zones and into facing all of our greatest fears. This can be an extremely positive time of new beginnings both personally and globally. Fear nothing: There is nothing to fear except fear itself. Change can rock us but it can also open many new doors and pathways to bliss and joy. This is the time to transform; the time to shine your light, simply because you can.

It’s time to re-programme your life: Your life is a reflection of what lies inside you, as you change, so does the outward manifestation of your being.

Here’s my eight point guide to making the most of this period of profound change:

1. Heal from within. Clean up your nutrition, restore your gut to optimum health. Review and replace unhelpful foods and home products with better alternatives. Move towards plant based nutrition and away from animal products. It is getting easier as demand increases for vegan products.

2. Get into nature – even a few minutes a day will enhance wellbeing and ground you.

3. Meditate daily - breathe in light and peace, breathe out stress and anxiety.

4. Give out what you would like to receive.

5. Watch your words: Monitor your language both spoken and your internal monologue. Replace the word should with could and don’t own any illness. Never refer to my bad eye/knee/shoulder/arthritic joints. Instead, see illness as a messenger, something that flows through you rather than being part of your story. Regard the body as merely a reflection of your thoughts.

6. Ho’oponopono. Change your experience of life. Repeat the ancient Hawaiian mantra to yourself each day. “I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you.” Try writing it down, sticking it on your bathroom mirror and repeating to your reflection.

7. Clear your bubble daily. The simple 10 minute process is available to follow on the homepage of my website.

8. Step away from judgement of self and others. If you judge another you will be judged.

Everyone is doing their best. Forgive and you will be forgiven.

Sharing on is permitted but please acknowledge me and my website as a reference in all cases. Namaste.

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