Monoatomic Gold (full unedited article)

Updated: Jun 3

Since the rollout of untested pharmaceutical drugs (so called “COV19 vaccines“) on the public, I have been guided to investigate the properties of this amazing and magical substance.

The chemical trials and lethal injections/cocktails have left those who have offered their bodies as test grounds in this big “depopulating experiment”, have sadly discovered that many of their chakras are “messed up” and some becoming shut down.. i.e. base, crown, soul star and third eye. This can lead to dis-ease and the emotion of fear coming in.

Here at Organic aromatherapy (OA) we are committed to and in the process of finding a way to help these people (and also the loved ones of the testee) to cope with the side effects and transmission of the genetically modified DNA and RNA, also to shedding and contagion via bodily fluids (sweat, sperm, breath etc).

It is my personal belief that the light of our divine source/god creator can help us heal anything. We just need to look to nature to find the solution. After all, miracles happen in our magical bodies daily!

What’s special about it?

MONOATOMIC GOLD means “Spiritual nourishment” in Hebrew,

Ancient manna (food) of the gods!

It’s said to have first been spoken/written about in connection to

Mount Horeb in Saudi Arabia

The Twofold Significance of Mount Horeb.

Moses was given the the stone tablets/sacred stones with 10 commandments in the story of the “Burning bush” here.

When it is exposed to sunlight it simply seems to disappear!

It is also said to be affected by and connected to the rising and setting sun's light frequencies and has been connected to the biblical “arc of covenant “.

Monoatomic gold is said to “enlighten molecules” and indeed help to “unleash the bodies full potential” alluding to its properties of upgrading/repair of DNA. It’s said that it enhances natural strength and endurance as well as spiritual communication.

This “magical” substance is also connected to weightlessness which may indicate levitation properties. This could have been utilised by ancient civilisations during the building of stone structures perhaps?

For example as it’s created by the intense heating up of pure gold, made the specially strengthened stone bowl that was being used, became “weightless”. So could this be used in the levitation of large stones.

Egyptians are said to have ingested it in small conical cakes for strength to elevate their consciousness to facilitate communication with “the gods”

Monoatomic gold is a unique, matter shifting substance that was first discovered in the 70’s by a farmer named David Hudson who lived and worked in Arizona.

One day when he was tilling soil, he came across a mysterious substance that he extracted from the earth only to find that it burst into light and disintegrated when exposed directly to the sun.

The next time he encountered this strange substance, he would be more careful and found that when avoiding the sun, it was able to be contained in the form of a white powder and studied. This is what he did with the help of top scientists around the world.

What they found was that is essentially a mixture of precious minerals (such as gold, silver, iridium, etc.) that is held in its most preliminary atomic form and contains heightened electromagnetic and altered dimensions of energy through this form. Because of this, it does not hold a traditional state-of-matter and contains different characteristics than these precious minerals would in their traditional form.

It is also known under a few other names such as Ormus gold and the Philosopher’s Stone and is used by people around the world to benefit their mind and body.

It has unique qualities that strengthen your immune system, benefit your brain function, improve sleep, and more.


Monoatomic gold is amazing not only in its ability to provide mental clarity and balance to the brain but also its power to awaken and tap into deeper spiritual levels within oneself to step into further levels of consciousness. Monoatomic gold’s support of the pineal and pituitary glands helping with the secretion of serotonin.


Serotonin is incredibly important to our emotional well-being and in fact, the job of most pharmaceutical antidepressants is to increase the production of serotonin. This is something that monoatomic gold is credited to do naturally. With increased serotonin levels, not only do your happiness levels go up, but so does your mental clarity and that “brain fog” that so many of us struggle with on a daily basis will start to lift. Balance of the vagus nerve and the nervous system as a whole helps with the extension of our telomeres, slowing the aging process.


This isn’t all this incredible substance can do. Due to the substance’s unique composition, when consumed, the electromagnetic properties align with that of the Earth’s electromagnetic fields and opens up what others have described as different dimensions within oneself.

Many who have used it have discussed in detail about how the substance was able to achieve an altered state of consciousness that exposed a deeper insight into one’s own subconscious and how it was able to help them understand not only themselves better but the World around them.