Meditation today and everyday

Hi Lovely friends,

Meditation today :

Full moon in Pisces and autumnal equinox and we’re meditating here on the Hill for peace on Gaia this afternoon 4-6pm.

Let me know if you’re joining us in person. Limited spaces so book your seat. Alternatively you can join us etherically from your own sacred heart /space wherever you are, either at 5pm or 7pm UK time .

We meditate every evening at 7pm UK time for 6 minutes of sending intentions of purest love and light to all in need. Please feel free to dip in and receive some healing whenever you feel the need simply by your intent. Additionally we also have an active healing list where you can add in your name or that of a loved one .

Isn't this quantum healing energy powerful and so amazing as we explore more into 5D! I am loving being here. So grateful for the instant manifestations and synchronicities!

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