Masks and their benefits?

Mask wearers . Please can you advise me?

Given these facts

1: they don’t work against viruses ( it’s like using a chain link fence to stop a mosquito! )

2. Mr Fau-chi initially told you to wear it , then changed his mind ( corrected himself)and said they were useless before buying a mask making company and THEN changing his mind again this time saying you needed to wear at least 2 masks. ( financially great for him)

3. They stop you breathing in fresh oxygen

4. They prevent you from expelling toxins that your body is trying to clear naturally through the usual process.

5. They are proven to deplete your immune system through stress and lack of herd immunity( natural processes)

6. Nobody can read your lips ( consider those who are hard of hearing) or recognise you of see you smile.

7. You look like a crazy person off some horror movie like “silence of the lambs”.

8. why would you wear it to enter a restaurant or plane ... then walk to a table or seat .. take it off to eat a mouthful then replace it?

9. Deplete your immune system through FEAR.

10. Cloth one are apparently supposed to be washed regularly as they hold all the expelled bacteria from your lungs.

11. filthy rags worn across your mouth and nose make you sick.

12. They seriously aren’t a fashion accessory ..

13. The paper (“disposable” masks ) in green blue and now pink are being slung into nature causing more plastic waste than the planet ever knew before .

14. The ones you throw away are hurting our wildlife and are full of toxins.

So mask wearers .. please update me... WHY?

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