Lionsgate 8/8 ceremony

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Time: 11am-4pm. Location: Havant, Hampshire 2 spaces available* The 8/8 Lionsgate is now open for 2021. This year it is more powerful than it has been in previous years. It is an astrological alignment which facilitates, on this occasion, movement through to the 5th Dimension and beyond. Here, there is no fear; only unconditional love, bliss, joy, laughter, gratitude, dance, song, unity consciousness, bilocation and instant manifestation. We are now releasing all fear, sense of 'lack' and the poverty consciousness that we have been locked into as a Collective for thousands of years. This unique opportunity for all aboard Mother Ship Earth to dream our perfect experience into Being. This truly is a mind-blowing opportunity for personal and planetary evolution as we join together, as one, in this consciousness, in ceremony, as a small group of like-minded souls. We will strengthen our resolve to co-create with Mother Earth during this Ascension Process, as she ascends. In order to change our experience on this planet, we need to first make the required changes within, in order that they can then be reflected externally. In this special Lionsgate Ceremony, we will use the power of Sacred Space, prayer, meditation and visualisation in THE most magical of ways. Light refreshments provided, but please bring your own lunch. Booking essential. Non-refundable payment required at time of booking to reserve your space.

  • Important Booking and Payment information Use the code NOPOST upon payment to remove the shipping element of your purchase. This is for payment only. Courses & Sessions need to be booked by emailing

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