Lions Gate 8/8/22

We are deeply into the magical and transformative alignment of the magical Lions Gate Portal and progressing dramatically towards the pivotal point of 8/8/22 whilst continuing to experience this photonic belt activity and downloads to upgrade our DNA through sunlight. Expect miracles for sure. Visualise as you choose to manifest (This means not worrying as you can manifest whatever you visualise and whatever you think is going to attract proof that you are correct). Being careful where you place your focus and attention is therefore of the highest importance now, and a personal choice.

It is completely up to each of us as individuals and a collective community, to create our abundance and bliss. What a fabulous opportunity this is!

Gaia Gateway is open now .. we are just finishing the testing of the new Soul Harmony chakra balancing cream to aid ascension into 5-7D and beyond It will be on sale and available very soon. This was actually downloaded to me in 2011 and has been awaiting its launch until now in this particular Galactic alignment!

Exciting!!! It feels amazing too...

Sarah W

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