Latest updates 21/7/21: Boiling the frog!

Its all going crazy isn't it lovely light family. I have been put in fb jail again until next Tuesday 27th, this time for sharing a screenshot of Gov data taken from UK Column News. This indicates to me that I am over target ... again. PLATFORMS: I am able to share in Telegram, Utube, MeWe, Linkedin WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter for the moment. I like checking out Bitchute and Brandnewtube too and use Brave as a search engine .. I have been hearing that Duckduckgo may not still be as secure but I still use it occasionally. I have stepped away from Chrome, Google etc for obvious reasons.. along with MSM like BBC and the general news programming channels of propaganda and fear-mongering.

Even though the UK "government" is currently saying we are out of major lockdown and "mandated" mask wearing, as I walk about here I still see too many folk wearing these "gags" here in UK because it seems like its a bit like Stockholm Syndrome/comfort blanket type thing kicking in. I am reminded that it takes only 3 weeks to form a habit.

Personally, I am convinced that this whole "pandemic" scenario was an excuse for the genocidal attempts by the dark/Satanic/Deep State to reduce the worldwide population by 75%. Its all been about getting this untested cocktail of dangerous big pharma drug into as many as possible.

ANCIENT WISDOM: The ancients/ancestors always said that a third of the souls on the planet at this "time" which I always thought was dramatic but here we are!

We would never have believed any of this craziness had somebody asked us 2 years ago right!

What its all about for me now is the bringing to Light of all awakened ones ALL shadows that have been going on since pre-Sumerian times when the slavery has been uppermost in our evolution.

ORGANIC DNA: Personally, I have never bought any of this , I haven't ever worn a mask, been injected or tested. I have chosen to remain organic and not going for any of this madness. I am preserving my own creator 12 strand DNA by not consenting to jabs or nasal swabs. I've done 1000's hours of research in the last 18 months and have made a few U turns along the way. We are creators here on Gaia/Terra/Earth. We are unique in this. This is why so many "off-worlders" are watching with such interest. I have spent years clearing/detoxing my body and pineal gland ( third eye chakra) and feel very connected to the higher realms of Light and , of course, my Higher Self.

AFFECTED CHAKRAS: All chakras are negatively impacted by the experimental drug cocktails and nano tech ( ie Morgellons) , particularly Soul Star, Third Eye, Crown and Base chakras.

We can re-establish balance in these areas with the emergence of many tools now .. from nature! Many things are coming to light about shedding and spreading of the engineered drug(s). Do not worry.

There really IS a light at the end of this tunnel and its truly beautiful as long as you want it to be and actively focus your energies, intentions and thoughts.

POSITIVE STEPS: I am working on combining the "them and us" division idea/plan of divide and conquer.

COMMON LAW: I have chosen to get myself trained up in Common Law (particular reference Nuremberg article 61) which has had all codes broken.

POSITIVE OUTCOMES: I am feeling strongly positive about this universal shift to 5D and bliss and joy, dance, song, instant manifestation, bi-location and raising our vibration to focus my attention on the best timeline and the most positive outcomes for myself, my immediate family and the collective too as long as its for the Highest good and within each individual soul agreements ( soul star chakra). There are infinite outcomes available to us all as individual now and I often catch myself responding to fear-based comments or suggestions with "not on my timeline" then quietly chant the Ho'opopono prayer mantra to myself to clean any fear layers that may have arisen within me . This really helps . In fact my 3 free suggestion of personal help whn you nee it are

  1. Ho'oponopono (I'm sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, Thankyou)

  2. 3/4/5 breathing practice (to ground myself)

  3. Bubble cleanse. (see blog for transcript and home page UTube )

I feel that we must be discerning and meditate for ourselves rather than follow the fear agenda follow your heart.

Stay out of fear and in TRUST.

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