January 2021 is a huge shift for us all ...

Today is 7th January 2021.

This morning I wept as I watched the rioting in Washington ... to see this disparity and fear is so sad.

I am also so saddened by the appearance of martial laws being unrolled in England here. Oppression ... communism, fascism ...

It’s obvious to anyone with a pulse and a brain that when you pull back and observe the bigger picture

the dark agenda is continuing to throw all its toys out of its pram as it flails about wildly in its final death throes ... they continue to attack the family unit.

No Christmas???!!! Really!

We are being attacked via our anti social distancing , being told not to hug( love and creating natural herd immunity) being told ( lied to ) that we are killing each other through not wearing a filthy rag over our noses and mouths( gags suppress personal immune systems), we can’t have family gatherings or gather in any way , whisper not speak , the current “education system “ ( crèches infant/ junior / senior schools , colleges and universities) is attacking our children and teens ( telling them to lie to their families in order to “protect “ them ) , to lie to them , being kept away from our parents as they die and literally killing them in care homes by using a variety of starvation pathways and injected and psychological cocktails .. !!! This is just a small list .. I could go on ... and on and on...

As an intelligent human , what is your personal choice? Will you fall for this divide and conquer tactic ?

Roll over and present your underbelly submissively and be slave-like ? Know that as a magnificent manifestor you WILL create your own focus now .. either of fear or love and joy. YOU WILL PROVE YOURSELF RIGHT !

If you Choose to be in fear then you seal your own fate... I wish you well on your chosen journey.

As a therapist I am hearing from clients daily about the increase of mental health and depression and suicidal thoughts ... I am doing my personal best to hold the light .. and radiate it fully.

I am also busy with free readings/ treatments/ sessions , personal detoxification,meditation and prayer .


I do not consent.

I am a sovereign being .

I claim my freedom of choice .

I am a natural living woman of the soil.

I choose the love and bright choice of creating my own Eden, my own Utopia, to reside in my loving heart, in the 5d world of bliss , dance ,song , fun, unity oneness all where I place my focus and you also have this opportunity by the law of one. Of freewill . Monitor your thoughts moment to moment lovely light family . What are you thinking NOW?


Breathe 3/4/5 practice ( ground)

Clean your bubble

Get into nature

Cuddle your pets and families

Drink water



Smile at everyone! ( mask and gag free)

Radiate your heart felt love to all, as a powerful beacon of light and hope.

Walk your own truth without fear.

Step fully into facing your fears squarely .. shine a light on them and rejoice as you see them crumble to dust in front of your eyes!

There is no room for anything based on fear in 5d.

Only love and peace and joy and oneness gets in !!! It’s the best club ever!!!

It’s bliss here and there are many of us already inhabiting this frequency. Synchronicities increase , manifesting is almost instant.

Shared with love and non judgement

Sarah Williams 🤍🤍🤍

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