Going Quantum

Positive health article November 2020

Powers of Positivity; Accessing Quantum Field; Creating Outcomes; Attracting Timelines; Infinite Possibilities with Sarah Williams of Organic Aromatherapy

There are easy ways to begin this process now. Below I outline 5 simple steps: 1. YOUR thoughts: Are they positive or negative. Be aware of inner dialogue (how you are speaking to yourself daily, hourly and in each moment). Consider your personal daily choices, do they promote your personal security , safety, immunity or your fears and worries? We are made up of many layers in our quantum structure like Russian nesting dolls; physical body , emotional body , mental body and spiritual body each influencing the next. Look at the body mind spirit connection. Remember the science of psycho neuro Immunology (PNI) , where attention flows energy goes , where is your focus? Are you focusing on portraying Illusions of insecurity or safety, trust/ doubt/ fears? 2. Programming from pre-birth and childhood come into play as an intrinsic part of our programming which may influence our lives. 3. Bubble cleanse

1. YOUR words : vibration, power of prayer , look at the work of Dr Masuro Emoto ( programming water). Consider the power and effectivity of phyto-biophysics and homeopathy, we are made mainly of water molecules . 2. YOUR actions: when you want to manifest, then consider that we are vibrational beings in a vibrational world where frequency and vibrating at a particular velocity are the most important factors. Look at the immense power of using the practice of meditation, wish boards, parking fairies. Visualisation is key, i.e. Jumping over a puddle ( if you believe and SEE yourself on the other side all clean and dry then you will be correct but conversely if you see yourself wet and muddy then you will manifest this too! ! ). This is an established method used by successful sports and business people achieve records and success. “What goes around comes around”(karma ), the power of prayer and the fact that distant healing exists and has been scientifically proven. Re-Claiming your personal Sovereignty, is important too. 3. YOU create: via sacred geometry thoughts into matter) , Platonic solids, where attention goes energy flows. Consider the law of attraction, your personal magnetic fields, the toric field created by your heart energy (the science of Heart Maths ). We each have infinite options in any second of every moment of every day , of what choice or action to choose , which affects our quantum structure and potential movement forward. Fear creates fear and joy creates joy. 4. YOUR reality : is limitless , as is soul growth potential, divine plans . Here we can consider the power of miasmic pre- birth agreements or “Martyr/ controller/ rescuer blueprints archetype lifetimes etc. Infinite possibilities are open to each of us and restricted only by personally imposed limitations. Life is a ‘green screen’ like in the movies, where YOU are playing the lead role in YOUR own personal “movie” . YOU are your own writer, director and producer too. There has been much written on the powers of cosmic ordering. The Law of attraction. What you visualise is attracted to you i.e. deepest fears or magnificent abundance. Finally I have worked with numerous wise ones and indigenous shamen who all share the same messages. There is nothing to fear but fear and forgetting to clean your bubble/ personal space. This is a process that I share freely on my website. Further Information Please contact Sarah Williams

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