Gifts from the “Plandemic”

Updated: Jun 14

Fantastic Opportunities:

I believe that I have found an amazing new tribe of soul family since the lock up/down started 2.5 yrs + ago! Had it not been for this utter ridiculousness I may not have discovered them all.

Such gifts in what seemed at the time to be a pain in the butt!

I am reminded about the Alta major chakra, the power of positive thinking and becoming the observer, not a victim or martyr. I do not judge these archetypes as I will have had to deal with experiencing them at some stage of my soul's journey of course.

Oh yes, call me crazy if you like (it wont be the first time I assure you and I care not), it is true, in my view, that we have all been duped and lied to for eons.

Dark entities on and in this planet have been using us as slaves for at least 2,000yrs.

"Movies" like the Matrix, Star Trek, Star Wars and Interstellar are all documentaries. I grew up watching Time Tunnel and Mr Ben (on "Watch with Mother") along with Asterix and Dune etc. My beloved Grandma used to read to me, Alice in Wonderland and Alice through the Looking Glass, when I was 4... I am not afraid to go down rabbit holes lol! (As a triple Virgo I love to analyse and research).

I was being prepared for this disclosure, born in the early 60's. We know it's all been going down with reverse engineering of off-World and other interplanetary craft/light ships found at area 51 etc.

When we use the benefit of hindsight" we can see the bigger picture :)

We are all here by choice. We have all the tools for this job remember. We chose this. It’s exciting!

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alta major

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