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Updated: Jan 11

Are you experiencing a stiff neck, headaches,

sore throat, cough, cold, sinusey, blocked throat and heart chakra?

Hence the importance of balancing the throat, thymic and heart chakras now.

Many friends are experiencing the loss of old connections and friendships due to their beliefs around this whole “ plandemic “ If this rings true for you then read on ...

I completely empathise. People are being triggered massively and often attack messenger ( anger/frustration/fear) Those that can’t yet see the bigger perspective will see it later and realise how much truth you are speaking. It’s tough to calibrate the restructuring of EVERYTHING” we were ever told( programmed with) . People will shout and throw things ( many harsh words) ... indeed this is what those shadowy ones are doing as they throw their toys out of their prams as their sustainable disappears ( that mana is fear) . When we replace this with love light and trust.. they then panic. Shadow cannot exist in the presence of light. I remind myself that to judge is to be judged.. its a heart/alta major chakra lesson.

The dark (shadow) ones are trying the old “divide and conquer “ tactic. Breathe, send the old friends love on their journey and use ho'oponopono on how you feel. Then the lesson is not wasted. Get onto bliss , see bigger picture , settle into gratitude dear friends. I leave doors open to those who haven’t yet had interest or made time to do the research for themselves and only watch main stream media. But I do now move on... as we realise that we can only help those who are personally ready to receive these difficult new truths... the unawakened will create a much more difficult timeline for themselves potentially. If/when they realise then I will be kind and not do a “told you so” dance... every soul will awaken in their own good time ( freewill) . As we progress into 2021 the polarities are going to become increasingly different now . 5d exists.. and many are of us here... having completed the dark nights of our souls as we prepared for this cosmic and quantum moment. Those at lash out at us are being triggered.. and when they lash out I notice how I feel.. if its a trigger in me then I am cleaning on it and grateful for the instigator of it ( who is simply playing that role for me ) and I move into a bigger picture of deep meditative gratitude. For me and my close friends and light family , we spend much of our earthly experience here in 5th Dimension now... dipping on and out of the upper realms of 4d ... it is blissful, instant manifestation occurs here in 5d and beyond, so many joyful and helpful synchronicities daily... meanwhile I wish you all, wherever you are choosing to reside, an amazing day of beauty and positive manifesting. Warm munay Sarah x Remember the 3 free tools I am always sharing 1. Breathe 3/4/5 breath ( ground) 2. Clean your bubble 3. Ho'oponopono

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