First Steps in Developing Your Spiritual Nature - 20 June 2019

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

It is said that the early astronauts went out into space as scientists and returned spiritualists. What could have enabled this shift in their perception? Perspective? Seeing our beautiful blue planet from another angle? Noticing that there are no lines of separation drawn at the so called borders and that we are all simply common passengers on mothership Earth (Gaia).

I feel that we all have a spiritual side to us, which is sometimes asleep. It’s usually awoken often after a trauma in our lives of some description or for some perhaps a kundalini rising experience. My personal “wake up” call was reading a book called the Celestine Prophecy in the mid-nineties. This reminded me that we are all made of vibrational molecules of energy and that there is a bigger picture other than that which is obvious to the human eyes. As vibrational beings, made up of atoms and particles, we feel energy, we know if there is conflict in a room or joy for instance. The impact of the electromagnetic fields of the heart are entirely measurable and reach far beyond the physical body.

Like Russian nesting dolls, our physical body is inside an emotional (feeling) field is inside another of mental (thoughts) and encompassed by a spiritual field. 4 bodies in 4 densities. This has nothing to do with religion.

Receiving a treatment like shiatsu, Reiki or a similar healing, practising yoga, meditation, Tai chi or Qigong may enhance your receptivity and awareness of these 4 energy bodies.

It often takes a big impact on one of these to “wake us up” to feeling them. This is usually a life changing experience causing us to view things from an entirely new perspective i.e. a divorce, relationship break up, serious illness or loss. The truth is simple. We are all connected, what we give out we get back and it’s all about unconditional love forgiveness and kindness to all that lives. ”

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