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Hi lovely light being luminous one! I am experiencing lots of censorship from Facebook etc.

You can find me on my new Telegram channel “Sarah on South Coast uk”

Also on twitter, instagram and utube.

Currently there are lots of events occuring.. from the Ukraine distraction to our “Government” trying to remove our human rights . I have been doing so much personal research which is fascinating and very revealing, and doing as many ”lives” on fb as I can but have to be careful with my words there!

I am also very busy with clients sessions currently as you can imagine, so much fear! I’ll write a longer blog in next few days. stay strong and remember stay positive .. No fear!!! we are magnificent manifestors … where we focus our energy we create so choose wisely when you go about your day. Positive thoughts and visualising will bring you bliss and light filled world! You are the creator.

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