DNA Upgrades for us all as we go Quantum!

Updated: May 11

Get into the sun... nature is amazing and it's inspiring spring in the UK.

I feel so grateful to all my lovely customers for all your amazing support over the 25+yrs I have been working in the fields of Chakras and Raising vibrations.

We are all evolving our DNA now at an increasing speed partially due to the sun's light upgrading our DNA from carbon-based 3D (fear based) through 4D (Fear, Karma and Time) 4 levels, up to 5D (Joy, Unconditional Love and Bliss). It's so exciting!

Free chakra readings are always available from my website homepage, giving you some personal guidance on approximately 4 areas of your energy system to give you a great place to begin for those who are new to my creams and our Talismans. Thank you for your beautiful testimonials too. Below are just a few of them:

“I had a wonderful chakra reading today with Sarah Williams at Organic Aromatherapy Ltd. I would highly recommend Sarah as she was so accurate in her reading she gave me, also lots of advice and information to help me in going forward in my life. Thank you very much, Sarah! xx

Jane S (Facebook)

"I've just had an amazing reading with Sarah Williams. In half an hour she has managed to establish my needs for my well being xx"

Jagdeesh (Facebook)

“Had a great reading with Sarah today. So much information in half an hour and spot on. Wonderful lady. Thank you so much. “

Julie (Facebook)

"Just had a fab energy reading by the lovely Sarah. Thank you, made so much sense" Debbie (Facebook)

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