Clean Food: Grow your own?

Updated: May 24

Cellular Regeneration:

How about we all get back to eating clean foods?

Getting back to nature: My grandparents and parents all grew veggies and fruit. I was so lucky to be shown this as a child, to grow up foraging, composting our kitchen scraps, eating from our own vegetable gardens, to be nourished by/partake of the wonderful deliciousness of growing something from seed, with love, tasting its depth of flavour and deliciousness. That's when tomatoes tasted like tomatoes and cucumbers actually had seeds! We can now grow and harvest these, producing lots of free food to enjoy, share and trade! You don't need a garden to do this, as container planting, vertical planting, hydroponics, sprouting seeds, etc. are all really easy, and there is plenty of information available online about these topics.

It is increasingly obvious that we have been toxified by global foods and genetically/modified engineered.

Our pineal glands (third eye chakras) have been calcified, so that we don't feel confident enough (solar plexus chakra) to trust our intuition, using many negative routes i.e. neuro toxins like mercury (dental fillings ), x-rays, fluoride, wi-fi and more.

Farmers: are being encouraged to "retire", step away from their farms and effectively destroy their livelihoods.

Land: Is being bought up by business people like Bill Gates (he sold his shares in Microsoft and then started buying up huge swathes of farmland). He is apparently now the biggest farmland owner in USA! He also owns seed companies and breast milk substitutes.. which in my mind is not a healthy monopoly!

I feel that it is vitally important to avoid seeds which have been genetically modified and sprayed with Monsanto type chemicals. These can negatively impact out DNA and general health at a very deep cellular level.

What can we do ? Grow our own organically, with love. Share with others, swap with friends. I am now paying for a lot of my personal services (like legal Common Law advice and other) with tomatoes and my creams and readings as swaps.

Community, barter and trade are the way forwards. Revisit the old ways that include being neighbourly and sharing of skills.


Natural foods and foraging: it's so easy, especially as we can discover lots of YouTube gardening suggestions and ideas. We can even grow on our kitchen scraps and create free food! I regularly go into my garden and pick up dandelions, nettles, chickweed, and fruits and veggies, pop it all in a "Nutri-bullet" and there I have an instant meal (or 2) which is raw, organic and locally/seasonally grown, I know where this came from, grown with love and structured water, and nourished by me! Now how abundant is that?... and it's free!

There are so many reasons to eat from our locality and a wealth of health to be enjoyed!

Whatever you do, do it with love.

We now have the personal choice to create our dream world... paradise if you will.

Let's clean up our minds, bodies and spirits and move into 5D consciousness, that of instant manifestation, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognisance, etc.

EXCITING OPPORTUNITIES are here for us all!

Thank you for liking and sharing this if you feel inspired to do so.

I also have new creams, offers and quantum soul readings and 5D health consultations available.

Warmest Munay and deepest gratitude for your visit and support.

Sarah x

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