Care for your personal portal as we evolve - 25 February 2015

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

As we shift from the 3rd to the 5th dimensions and upgrade our DNA there are things we can do to make life easier.

You care for your pineal portal in the same way that you care for your physical body by choosing good nutrition, exercise, meditation, adequate sleep, stress management and time under the Sun. Time under the Moon is good, too. Try moon bathing.

Your pineal gland is your inter-dimensional portal to your Multidimensional SELF, and it takes a healthy body to integrate the changes in your life when you open that portal. A fully opened pineal gland creates a state of deep meditation (theta brain waves) during ordinary waking hours. This is why you may feel "spacey" and "disorientated" as you adjust to ordinary life at this higher resonance of consciousness. The greatest challenge is to stay grounded in your physical reality while living a "normal life" with theta wave consciousness. Fortunately, theta consciousness can create everyday miracles by shaping energy with positive intention and unconditional love. Third eye cream helps to balance the pineal.

The "fuel" to keep this portal open is the body's Endocrine, or Hormonal, system. The hormones of the Endocrine system transmit the multidimensional light and unconditional love throughout your entire body by entering the cerebrospinal fluid and bloodstream. These hormones regulate the energy and functioning of the physical body. If the Endocrine system is over stimulated, it produces energy surges and imbalances. Many of you are experiencing "power surges" in your pineal gland because of the myriad electromagnetic emissions from the Galactic Centre. These power surges can easily over-stimulate your Endocrine System, which creates stress, anxiety and diminishment of your immune system. The pineal and the pituitary glands work together as the bio-energetic "circuit board" for your biological computer brain. The pineal gland receives the torsion waves from the Galactic Centre and then transmits them to the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland regulates the secretion of hormones for the entire Endocrine System. When it receives the cosmic light from the pineal gland, it distributes it throughout the entire body to maintain hormonal balance.

If the pituitary is over stimulated, it can temporarily over stimulate the thyroid gland (throat chakra and thymic chakra) and the adrenals (base chakra), producing surges of energy and the feeling of being on a "high". This energy surge imbalances the body, and if this continues for too long it can produce adrenal burn-out or stress exhaustion.

Over-stimulation of the Endocrine System can also produce extreme physical exhaustion as the thyroid moves between over activity and under activity, in an attempt to regulate the energetic fluctuations of the body. It can also produce depression and anxiety, as brain chemicals such as serotonin are also put out of balance. As a result, the individual can experience extreme physical and emotional symptoms as the body seeks to cope with this new surge of evolutionary energy. The thymus gland rules your immune system, and is the energy portal of the High Heart (Thymus) where the multidimensional light can be experienced as unconditional love. It is because of this connection that "love heals."

The heart chakra also rules the lungs. Hence, the act of physical breathing through your High Heart elicits the feeling of unconditional love and activates your immune chakra. In other words, Love Heals. In fact, the best way to calm your entire body is through your breath. Heart chakra balancing cream is a powerful tool.

Exercise: When you breathe IN through your opened Third Eye, you pull in the cosmic torsion waves interlaced with serotonin to calm you, Melatonin and DMT to enlighten you. Then, when you breathe OUT through your High Heart, you expand your experience with unconditional love, as you share your gift with all of life. This type of breathing also courses multidimensional light and unconditional love throughout your entire body. This feeling counter-balances the excess electrical stimulation at the Pineal by providing a feeling of calmness, peace and love. The more you learn to breathe deeply, to become a "conscious breather", the more you will activate the function of the Thymus, which not only enhances feelings of unconditional love, it also supports your physical immune system.

Remember, your Pineal Portal goes two ways. It takes in the torsion waves flowing from the Galactic Centre, and it takes you Home for a visit with your SELF. To best care for your portal, visualize yourself, not as a human who visits the higher dimensions, but as a light who visits your earth vessel. In other words, see yourself as an individual photon in the unified ONE of Multidimensional Light.

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