Bubble Cleanse meditation - 7 April 2017

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Bubble Cleanse© meditation script

 A powerful cleanse. (transcript) You may want to practice it often. It's very easy and can be done in seconds once you are practiced at it. It instantly raises your vibration and helps to you attract a higher vibration of life (5D) into your awareness. 

This exercise will help you to clear your energy of anything that is stuck or not helpful for you at this moment and will help you to clear any clutter that is around you…or within your cellular structure (body).

Your energy extends out past your body. This is your own sacred space and it is like a physical bubble extending up above your head, encompassing your Stellar Gateway chakra, out past your outstretched fingertips and down from your feet, past your Earth Star chakra.  This is your bubble. Your own sacred space.

We can and do collect debris and heavy energy in ourselves and in our bubbles. This clutter and debris can come from the people and things that are around us. We need to be observant of our bubble and clean it, just as we clean our homes. 

Sitting comfortably with your feet or your sitting bones connected to the ground. Breathe in "so" and breathe out "hum" 5 times to centre yourself and calm your mind. Feel Mother Earth beneath your feet or sitting bones.

Visualise your bubble. Invite in your guides and angels or ascended masters of your choice. Ask for a pillar of white, diamond light to come down from the Highest Source for your highest good to touch the top of your bubble.

 As it touches the skin of your bubble, you might like to allow a hatchway at the top and bottom of your bubble to open. Then allow this light to start to swirl around within your bubble, filling it from the top. Spiral it around inside your bubble, and every molecule. 

If there is any hoocha, or heaviness, or stickiness, or anything  that is not helpful for you, or for your highest good right now, in your bubble this white light will find it.  The white light will pick up this heaviness and will push it down your bubble through the hatchway at the bottom to feed Mother Earth (Gaia) .

And as the white light touches your Crown chakra, at the top of your head, you may wish to peel back a couple more of its petals of this 1000-petalled chakra to allow that light to come into your body. As that white light touches each of the cells of your body, any heaviness can be released and shimmy/effervesce to the surface where the white light can push it down towards Gaia, through the lower hatchway.

So you will be fizzing and flushing out your cells with this pure white light. Spiral this light around each cell and through all the spirals of your DNA.

And as the white light touches your neck and your shoulder and then moves down into your heart space, you might like to circulate the light around your heart and your lungs, touching the intercostal muscles and allowing the ribcage to rise more fully with each breath. Bring it through every part of your heart space, all 4 chambers and feel the light fill and expand. 

Taking the light now into your abdominal cavity. You can circulate the light around the abdominal cavity, touching all of your organs. At the same time, clear your solar plexus of anything you have collected from others, or from the past, and anything that can be released now, for your highest good. Bring it all to the surface and flush it down by the white light which is flowing around you down into Mother Earth.

Now taking it down into the sacral area and swirling it around the bulb of pelvic area. And going down through the legs, the knees, the shins, the ankles and down into Mother Earth.

You are now vibrating on a higher frequency of energy and light and you have now released as much as you can and have gifted it to Mother Earth. Mother Earth loves this heavy energy. It is like a nectar for her. We are encouraged to be generous with her by gifting it. She considers it nectar and will regenerate it into healthful energy ..a bit like composting your vegetable peelings and creating new fertile compost/soil. 

In the Andes Mountains, they believe in reciprocity. They say that once you have fed Mother, then you can ask for her love.  So what they suggest, is that with your feet connected to Mother Earth, allow yourself to send roots down, down into the earth.  Perhaps for you, this feels like the roots of a tree. Or perhaps like a golden spiral extending down from your feet into Earth…whatever is comfortable for you.

Now, connect with the crystalline heart centre of Gaia/Mother Earth. Visualise a coppery pink/gold light which is pure unconditional love. You can breath up this copper gold light from Mother Earth. A nurturing light. A Mother’s love.

Breathe this copper gold light up through the soles of your feet, through your ankles, and bringing that light all the way up into your body. And every time this light touches one of the cells of your body or of your energy field, that cell smiles.

Breathe that light up over and through your knees, though the thighs, and all the time filling both your body and your bubble.

And sometimes it is a bit difficult to breathe it up this copper light so you have to really take your time and pull….Much like putting on a pair of tight jeans. Breathe this light up over your hips and into your sacral area. Feel your cells loved and smiling in this copper gold light.

Breathe it up through your heart space, engulfing your heart with love. Watch your heart smiling and breathe that copper gold light over your neck and shoulders and up over your head to Father Source energy.

So now if you were to visualize yourself, you are centred in a bubble connected up to Source by a pure white light and down to Mother Earth by this copper gold light.

To finish this clearing, you can bring down another huge flash of pure white light from Father Source. This time, this light flows down over the skin of your bubble clearing any dust or debris and leaving your bubble sparkling and twinkly. With a rainbow of colours much like a soap bubble in the sun.

Know that you can visit this meditation anytime. If you feel tired or heavy or frustrated.

This is a really great way to clear your energetic bubble.  It will give you clarity and allow you to vibrate on the highest energetic level.

Take a deep breath in.

Bring your hands into prayer. Smile. Shine and radiate love.


Sarah Williams ©

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