Are you up for a little "off planet" exploration through Stargates and Portals?

Raise your Vibration Level 6: Stargates and Portals online 12/13/14th June (12 study hours for CPD)

Calling all Star-beings and brothers and sisters of the Light inter-galactically! ​ There are portals in many places. A portal is a doorway. During this course, we will research and access multidimensional doorways to alternate omni-verses, galaxies and dimensions. ​ We will be working in the highest light, with the highest accessible point of SOURCE energy and supported by our guides, angels, ascended ones and the highest frequencies of Light Galactics, within the rules of the Galactic Federation of the Light. ​ Sacred site work included. ​ If you have completed the first 1-3 Raise your Vibration courses then this is a natural progression. The levels of 4, 5, 6 and 7 can be taken out of sequence if desired, or as a unique module. Previous experience of meditation is required as we will be using this technique to access our Higher Selves and Soul contracts.

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