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Ultimate stress relief, Tranquility and Peaceful Sleep creams can all help within minutes of application.

Natural support with no unwanted side effects … #holistic #aromatherapy

Testimonials make my day as it’s fantastic to see how the Soul Harmony creams help people individually as well as with their clients!

What an adventure this is … I would not have thought to suggest the “protection synergy” for dealing with contact eczema until Maxine showed me!

“The Lung Meridian cream turned out to be so essential for me... I started to process other emotions that were stagnant and that were pulling me back into other older pattern. It helped me along with other modality that I was doing to break some really strong pattern that I have been repeating, from very young to current. Cannot thank you enough. As a result, I am able to release toxic emotions and not re-absorbing or allowing myself to absorb it as I used to in the current situation.

I will need to place an order for the other products that I am running out of this weekend.“

Leigh Lin Shao (kinesiologist)

“Hi Sarah, your lung meridian cream has really helped to relieve breathlessness while recovering from Covid. I used it on the lung meridian with great effect. Thank you.“ Maxine Martin (therapist) xxxxx

“Hi Sarah, I've found that your 'protection cream' is marvellous for eczema. I had some contact eczema on my hand which was very red and itchy. After applying your cream, the itching stopped immediately along with the redness. Brilliant, thank you.”

Maxine Martin

#Aromatherapy is so #naturally #powerful #vegan

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