A time of great change - 02 January 2017

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Hang on in there friends, this is a time of turbulance and change, which brings up fear in everyone. Even so, it feels like such a positive step to be clearing all the turbulence and challenge from 2015 and moving forwards afresh. Here at Organic aromatherapy we are planning more new workshops and groups as well as working on 2 new chakras. Please check back here periodically for updates on these as the details are still crystallising, but it will include: NEW Raise your Vibration courses ( RV4 and 5) NEW Munay Ki groups, events, ceremonies and field trips to sacred sites. TIBETAN workshops: We are hoping to bring Tibetan energy here in UK in July, as we are working towards hosting a few workshops with a wonderful Rinpoche from Tibet, HH Dragmar Khentrul who will be on a European tour in summer. Galactic events connecting to our star brothers and sisters. the last 4 were so well attended that we have been asked to provide more opportunities. Sarah is giving free chakra readings as so many of you find it helpful to know which creams you need, she can also tune into your friends and family to make suggestions for gifts that are really valued. Simply give her the name and email address here. Please note that if the reading is for someone other than yourself, the Higher Self of the recipient must give permission, so Sarah will energetically check in with them before doing the reading. Longer 30minute readings with spiritual clearance via Skype or telephone are also available here.

Be the best you can be and shine!

During this unique planetary shift we are all re-calibrating and upgrading our physical vehicles (bodies) as our 2 strand DNA moves to 12 strand and increases the light quotient that we carry and emit. The solar flare activity is downloading new light codes and activations for us now more often, moving our structures/bodies from carbon to a more silicon base. We are literally moving our bodies from the 3rd to the 5th dimension and beyond, for the first time. Some are already vibrating at 6th dimensional levels and higher. We are beginning to notice synchronicities and expand our range of awareness further...remembering what we are capable of and stepping up to our original status of co-creators. We may notice some of the following as old patterns surface in order to be released.

1. Abrupt loss of interest in the people and things that held your interest before.

2. You simply cannot do that job any longer, or tolerate that person any more.

3. Strange wanderlust or urge to relocate. You may just " know " where you need to be.

4. Inner need to simplify life. “Why the heck am I carrying around this much of junk? I don’t even remember why I wanted them.” is a common sentiment. Declutter and donate your stuff to Good Will. You may also get the urge to detox your own body.

5. Sudden change in food preference.

6. Sudden change in the taste to dress and decoration of home.

7. Some people report having a sudden “spiritual awakening,” accompanied with the feeling of clarity and empowerment.

8. Feeling spacey and detached from the rest of the world.

9. Getting harder and harder to follow conventional thinking.

10. Absolute need to rest and relax.

11. Feeling younger or childlike. In fact, your friends may notice you look younger.

12. Urge to do what you like to do. Again, like a child. Being in the joy becomes increasingly important to you, replacing other priorities.

13. Change in sexual drive.

14. Change in sleep patterns. Sometimes you wake up at 3 or 4 am every night, sometimes you sleep 10 hours or take a long nap.

15. Physical symptoms such as ringing in the ear, change in vision (sometimes daily), or strange itching and twitching around the body.

16. And some report switching back and forth between the new way and the old way. Well, this can happen if you don’t allow yourself to be in the new way. Each person’s sensitivity is different. These are not temporary symptoms, with ascension soul shift, this is going to be your new way, so you are best to embrace the changes. With ascension soul shift, your existing soul crosses over without the physical death, and you receive a new version of soul, so it’s a way of being born again. What is great is we retain the body and the knowledge we have accumulated. You are the same person, yet you are new. So the best way to go around is to embrace the new you rather than resisting it.

So where are we headed to? Becoming a lightbody and achieving immortality is one possibility. Remembering the various psychic/supernatural/extrasensory abilities we possess is another. Together, we are creating the New World, or the new version of heaven on Earth.

The way to ascend, then, is:

1. To be open to this change, the shift of ages, the Ascension.

2. To increase the vibration by aligning more with Divine Love, Light, Truth, Abundance and Power.

3. To embrace the changes including Ascension soul shift.

4. To live in the Now. Ascension happens in the Now, not in the future. Or more accurately, Ascension is about breaking the illusion of time. Ascension is a natural process, and you will be guided to do what you need to do. In a sense, you don’t have to try to ascend at all.

5. Expect synchronicities to occur.

6. Be completely honest at all times. Don't try to manipulate situations. See only positive outcomes.

7. TRUST! All is exactly as it should be.

8. Clean your bubble daily. See Bubble cleanse on the interview page here ( news>interviews>3rd interview down).

9. Repeat the great Ho'oponopono  mantra to yourself on all emotions that you want to clean... " I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you."  

10. Love your self and shine your light to all others, unconditionally.

We thank you for your continued connection and support and are continually grateful for you for all donations to help us fund our service work. Much Munay to you all.

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