5D Medicine - 10 December 2016

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

This is the first time we have ever experienced changes like this within and around us. We are all currently facing our greatest fears . This is exactly why the Soul Harmony creams are here with us as the medicine of the future to help us facilitate the integration of the new light gamma frequencies into our bodies as we upgrade from carbon based to silicon/crystalline based beings of light. One of the things that is happening is that our DNA is upgrading from 2-12 strand. New abilities will be emerging as we transform like a chrysalis to a butterfly.

Since the powerful date of 11th November 2015 (11/11) has given us all permission to launch into new beginnings, where anything we focus on is now accessible and an option to each and every one of us. Manifestation has now become very speedy as we move more fully into the new 5th dimensional consciousness, moving more fully into increased synchronicity, expansion of time, bliss, fun and unconditional love.

Have you been feeling like upgrading your diet and changing the foods that you ingest, erring away from the old staples in your diet and looking for new cleaner options? As junk/processed foods seem to be less attractive, with more fast food outlets closing and GM toxicity awareness increasing, we are deciding as a community, that we don’t want our foods sprayed with 1000’s of toxic chemicals that poison us, our families and our planet. In preference the locally sourced, seasonal fresh foods, gluten, wheat and dairy free vegetarian foods become more widely available and tastier. Even major ice cream manufacturers are stepping up and making vegan options using coconut milk instead of dairy and a very big fast food outlet is now closing more “restaurants” than ever before! Demands are changing and this is being reflected in the global consciousness.

We are all updating our “friends” and contact lists on social media, and clearing out old “stuff” from our garages, attics, drawers and even our technology as increasingly our old phones, laptops, tablets and computers seem to need an upgrade. We all know that we can go to our wardrobe and look at each piece hanging there with fresh eyes. You know the items that haven’t been out for a year or so, the ones we hopefully thought we may grow back into in some way, or re-use. The reality is that if it hasn’t happened in the last year then it probably isn’t going to. Much has been written about this in the past. If we have changed shape or size, then the old style probably won’t appeal to the new you. It may remind you of past occasions and dates that are simply now a part of your past and not relevant to the new you and your new future.

We are amazing beings, constantly changing; our bodies, our thought patterns, our habits, opinions and our beliefs, and now, even faster than ever, as the old ways seem not to “fit” anymore.

We are always renewing our cells and molecules within our bodies and auric fields, upgrading and evolving. What if we were to clear our inner clutter?

Raise your Vibration:

How would it be if we were to look at our inner itinerary and take stock of all of our current emotional patterns and see some of the baggage, that may have served us well in the past, but now seem heavy and unhelpful as we move forwards? What is our positive potential? I suggest its only limited by our current belief system. what-ever we believe to be possible, actually is!

Old illnesses CAN and do heal, WHEN you give them permission. I am proving this in my life. I was confined to a wheelchair a couple of years ago, and told to take allopathic medication which I firmly declined. I was very unpopular with the hospital doctors and they tried to use fear-based tactics to persuade me! I realise that they have limited options available to them and preferred to take the responsibility for my own health and look further. I have become completely drug free after 2 decades of being on thyroid medication and being diagnosed with apparently “incurable” auto-immune disorders which have had me relying on pain killers for the last 2 years. I changed my diet, use all my chakra and organ balancing creams and taking a couple of iodine based supplements and Vit C in quite high doses initially. Within 16 weeks I lost 2 stone of extra weight I had been carrying, and stopped painkillers and thyroxin. I have never felt better! The transformation is absolutely incredible and I highly recommend the use of a good kinesiologist to assist as the bodily requirements change as we peel back the layers and return to who we really are…highly evolved light-beings, capable of so much more than we have been led to believe. Our inner programmes are upgrading and so are we.

Old patterns may have been put in place during our lives that were helpful to us at that time, but we may have outgrown, just like those old clothes. Where we focus, we manifest. Do you really want them in your life?

Emotions like guilt, hatred, anger, judgement, frustration, intolerance, stubbornness, bitterness, grief, abandonment, impatience, addictions and fear are all “heavy” to carry. They are our shadow and if they are within us they will only hold us back from achieving our fullest positive potential, which is actually limitless.

Powerful Exercise:

Find yourself a peaceful place, where you won’t be disturbed for 20mins or more. Light a candle. Take a moment to visit your inner self. Breathe deeply 3 times and allow the breath to go deep within your belly and heart-space. Now, face your fears, take stock of the old you. Your old patterns (look at the heavy emotions highlighted above) , some may have been with you since childhood and earlier. Write all the heavy emotions you feel within you on some small pieces of paper, one at a time, really feeling how you would be without this in your life any more. Maybe even shed a tear or better, deeper sobs, as you revisit memories. Keep adding further pieces of paper until you feel you are happy and comfortable to release all these emotions. Carefully burn each in the flame. Watch as the pieces of paper disintegrate and release each word and emotion. Visualise the energy transmuting and disappearing.

Now visualise yourself standing in the warm sunshine in your favourite outdoor space, and feeling the warm rays on your face and body filling all the space you have created within yourself in your release, with vibrant light and brightness. Breathe this in.

Congratulations. You just raised your vibration and the new you will attract new positive experiences. As you vibrate, so you attract. Be prepared for more synchronicities appearing in your life…more positive outcomes, situations, people and friends. Enjoy, be grateful daily and celebrate this amazing new start. It’s a very exciting time to be alive.

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