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Do you love these colours? Pink and green are the colours of the heart.


This is the point of unconditional love for others and ourselves. It is the courage to use our emotions. It must be remembered that if you can’t love yourself, then another cannot truly love you! Remember that what we are, is mirrored back to us in the actions of others. It is our bond with ourselves, allowing us to focus on our internal feelings.

Imbalance in this chakra manifests itself physically in heart and lung disorders of all types; asthma, emphysema, erythmia, a persistant cough, wheeziness, pneumonia, angina, chest pain, high cholesterol, mastitis, breast cysts, and sometimes gall bladder and pancreatic problems (see organ balancing products page for specialised synergies for these two areas).


Are you carrying extra weight (protection) around the chest area?

The negative emotions that lead to imbalance in this area are grief, anger, guilt, hatred, greed, envy, THE INABILITY TO FORGIVE either ourselves, or another person.


Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves, setting ridiculously high standards for ourselves which are completely unattainable. We therefore fail miserably and feel guilt and self-hatred. 

"Forgiveness is the greatest gift that we can ever give ourselves,” Caroline Myss PhD.

You’ll need this synergy when you feel grief, guilt, unlovable, unloved, or when you’ve been hurt, especially emotionally by someone close to you.


Healing the heart chakra is the most important lesson of all for each of us in this Age of Aquarius.




Positive potential

All symptoms can disappear!


The oils that I have used for this synergy are expensive and sumptuous! They work on a deeply powerful level supporting the heart energy, allowing self-love and helping to bring inner peace, calm and joy.

Problematic influences here are often deep-seated, occurring in our formative years (5-9 years old). Hence it often takes the longest to heal of all the chakras. Be patient with yourself. Use the cream daily and think of times that you have been hurt or angered in the past. Then attempt to see the good that came from that situation and try your hardest to forgive the purportrator. After all, your anger with them is not damaging them, only you and your energy/body.

Let it go. Remind yourself that something good/positive always comes from any bad situation....the challenge is finding what that is!

Try to see challenges as opportunities for soul growth! Then try to be grateful for the opportunity. This is a tough call I know...but it is possible to try.


We cannot change what happened, only our reaction to it.

Colour: Pink/Green

Location: Chest

Planet: Mars/Venus

Crystal: Rose Quartz, Kunzite,Hiddenite 

Bach Remedy: Pine, centaury, holly

Herbal Supplement: ginseng