earth star

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This chakra is used for deep grounding enabling us to receive a huge recharging boost from Mother Earth (Lady Gaia).


It is located a few inches below our feet, on the lower periphery of our energy system.


As we raise our vibrations into alignment with the new paradigm of the 5th dimension (since the shift in Dec 2012), we are expanding our auras upwards and outwards, therefore it is increasingly important to be balancing this area of our energy system regularly. 

It is the ultimate source of grounding power, our re-source point. Balancing this chakra is a recharge and reconnection, similar to plugging your mobile phone into an electrical socket to recharge it's battery. 


Star Child energy can also be collected from here. You can visualise it as it rains down from the heavens, a flurry of gold and silver stars, forming a molten gold pool of healing energy, which may then be absorbed through our feet and taken in to our own energy systems.



Positive potential

Using the Earth Star chakra balancing cream is like plugging into an enormous natural electrical circuit, providing us with a huge spiritual energy boost. This is often good when you are very busy 'juggling' your daily life and can’t find time for your spirit to relax. It helps to recharge the first three chakras of basesacral and solar plexus quite well. We have watched it work on real time kirlian imaging.

The cream is grounding, a terrific healer and another perfect aid for meditation.


The oils in this blend assist you in your quest to find your own Earth Star. Simply smell the cream, and allow your spirit to be guided to this powerful resource point. If you like the smell then you need the synergy. It is often used in conjunction with Stellar Gate Chakra Cream as it then floods the energy system with pure light from Source and is very energising.


This combination is fantastic for anyone experiencing low energy, fatigue and persistant tiredness. Earth Star Chakra Balancing Cream is also a powerful grounding tool to great to bring you back into your body after meditating.


Colour: Gold

Location: Below Feet

Planet: Pluto

Crystal: White Howlite

Keyword: De-tox