cosmic chakra.jpg

A VERY important synergy for everyone at this time.

These are ancient, re-emerging chakras that are becoming increasingly important again in this, the age of Aquarius. Some know them as the Universal Chakras. They help to 'thin the veil' facilitate communication with our spiritual guides, guardians, un-incarnated soul group members and angels, the universal consciousness, to support us on our journey.

They are connected to the third eye (intuition) and the throat (communication).

I was introduced to them by a wonderful healer, who appeared next to me when I broke my arm in Mexico. Muchas gracias Enrique!

I am still learning about them.

Try holding a dowsing pendulum over this area and see it spin with the powerful force of these energetic points!

I have shown them as blue and white, but in my experience they can be a mixture of many shimmering iridescent colours.




Positive potential

Auravision shows that within minutes of being applied, white light begins to flow in these areas of your aura as you connect more fully. This is a good time to ask your guides and angels for help and support as you will perceive their messages more easily.

Colour: Shimmering White Iridescent

Location: one over each shoulder, level

Planet: Inter-dimensional