chakra map

In order to read the body we need to acknowledge that tensions in your body represent emotional angst. For most people their right side is their yang side, (masculine, moving forward in the world) and the left side is their yin side, (female, emotional).

As a quick guide, have a look at your body shape. Are you:

Pear-shaped – look at Base and Sacral chakras

Apple-shaped - look at Solar Plexus first, then Sacral and Heart chakras

Carrot-shaped (larger bust/weight on chest) - look at Heart chakra

Some areas may not appear to have a chakra nearby but are always connected to one of the major chakras shown:

Elbows – these relate to Heart and Solar Plexus chakras

Knees/thighs/calves – look at Base chakra, Earth Star and Soul Star chakras

Ankles/wrists – look at Sacral chakra

Feet – look at Earth Star and Soul Star chakras

Once you have found the chakra(s) that are dis-affecting your wellbeing, you can send for the associated Chakra Balancing Cream.


These are available in two sizes and work within seconds to dissolve any blockages.


If you are still unsure please feel free to contact Sarah and she will advise you individually of your requirements.